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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

GMO. Taking the Focus off of Food for a Better Understanding of Our Barve New World.of Emerging Disease

When GMO is mentioned people generally think food. This is the first error in understanding the scope of the problem and connection to emerging disease.

The Organisms are what you need to be concerned with. The practice of deploying these GM Organisms in agricultural pest control has been widespread and overt for some time.

It is unregulated and experimental. Yet the focus is intentionally misdirected toward food and away from the imminent danger.

We are beginning to see evidence of creatures that shouldn't ever have come into existence in nature and their direct links to chronic illness.

Cross species modification and the horizontal gene transfers that these organisms are capable of are the genesis for today's emerging diseases which resemble and include

Lyme Disease is frequently misdiagnosed as CFS and Fibromyalgia. Its common co-infections such as Bartonella are evolving faster than available testing.

If you have long red streaks that appear like scratch marks on the skin, crazy uncomfortable eye symptoms you could be infected with an emerging disease often overlooked.

There are now over 40 species of potentially infectious Bartonella bacteria:

Lyme Books less than 6 months old state that there are 23 species. This bacteria is evolving rapidly and is a common co-infection in Lyme disease.

Standard testing for Bartonella infection is available for only 2 species. You could easily test negative and have this disease.

Scientist will throw the words 'discovery' and 'evolution' around to make it seem that these organisms have always existed. Our technology as limited as it may be, has been a bit too advanced for some time for oversight to be probable.
Living beings have 'evolved' rapidly in the last 30 years. The timing of which is not at all coincidental but correlated.

Disease agents that were once confined to singular kingdoms are now infecting others. Funneliformis mosseae was a fungus that only affected plants until recently. The first recorded cases of human infection were published in April of 2017 in medical journals.


Evidence for polymicrobial communities in explanted vascular filters and atheroma debris.


"The main contributing prokaryotic species in atheroma debris suggest a diverse and novel composition...
Additionally, Funneliformis mosseae, ... was detected in the coronary hard plaque from two patients

Today's form of this fungus posses mixed DNA which led to it initially being mistaken for a protist organism on first 'discovery' by people who should know better.

Mixed species do not have offspring and should NOT exist.

Yet this genie is now out of the bottle and this cannot be undone. The industries responsible will be not be held accountable without the people demanding it. The people cannot demand for something they vaguely understand.

The consequences are widespread emerging disease and there are not enough effective pharmaceuticals in the pipeline to assist. It has never been more important to keep your immune system healthy than it is today.

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