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Friday, March 24, 2017

Chronic Morgellons Scalp gets a medically recognized name.

If you discount the alluded racial bias, this sounds like a part of what we have come to know as the scalp breakout condition common to Morgellons and it has a name!

The article I reference below is from a medical journal and states the alopecia (hair loss) as

I am slowing hair loss dramatically and my scalp conditions have resolved. 

The similarities described in the condition outlined below are stikingly familiar to those experiencing symptoms of Morgellon scalp.

Maybe these conditions are not one in the same but I've bolded the similarities to what Morgellons sufferers go through.

Here's where it gets really cool:

Newer pathologic hair findings include: pigmented casts,black dots, and "3D" yellow dots . Newer associations include: keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome, Crohn disease and pyoderma gangrenosum. Older associations include arthritis and keratitis.

Are you ready for the name?

Say the following 5 times quickly:

Folliculitis et perifolliculitis capitis abscedens et suffodiens

"Folliculitis et perifolliculitis capitis abscedens et suffodiens is a rare disease of unknown etiology. It is a suppurative process that involves the scalp, eventually resulting in extensive scarring and irreversible alopecia. The condition is also known as ‘acne necrotica miliaris’ or ‘Proprionibacterium’ folliculitis...

The clinical picture is determined by fluctuating painful fistule-forming conglomerates of abscesses in the region of the occipital scalp. 

The cause of scalp folliculitis is not well understood. It is generally considered to be an inflammatory reaction to components of the hair follicle, particularly the micro-organisms.

These include: bacteria (especially Propionibacterium acnes, but in severe cases, also Staphylococcus aureus), Yeasts (Malassezia species) and mites (Demodex folliculorum).

The initial histopathologic finding is an exclusively neutrophilic infiltration followed by a granulomatous infiltrate. The treatment of the disease is usually difficult and often disappointing.....

The main reason is considered to be the disordered keratinization and further occlusion and accumulation of keratin at the hair follicle.

After a dilatation followed by rupture, not only a granulomatous inflammatory process accompanied by the attraction of gigantic cells, partially phagocyting the keratin masses are induced in the hair follicle, but also an inflammatory bacterial process derived from a superinfection, most frequently caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis, which are considered to be the main factors in the chemotaxis of neutrophils."

Now for the treatment (not cure) and its a doozy....

"Successful treatment with Isotretinoin 1 mg/kg body mass could be achieved only after regular systematic administration in the course of 3–4 months.

Eruptive purulent form of the disease, has been controlled with combination therapy: systemic antibiosis with metronidazole and clindamycin, dermatosurgical removal of single nodular formations, and isotretinoin 1 mg/kg body mass for 3–5 months."

I will be honest, the treatment sounds almost as bad as the condition.

Plus this is similar to just one aspect of Morgellons.

Many with the Morgellons condition experience healing in the scalp afterward a short period of time and treatment with antifungals and antihelmintic drugs. 

There's also a cancer scare statement contained within this documented scalp condition so be prepared. It could be suggested at any time by your doctor that you should treat with chemo and radiation. Dont fall for it. We all should know better by now.

At least we have a starting point and a name (holy heck and how) and medical journal references.

You can bring it to your doctor and see if he can pronounce it.

Be prepared for the doctor to place emphasis on the disease affecting men of African-American or African-Caribbean descent.
So you may have to bring the second article that indicates other races.


Here it acknowledges "but the condition also has been reported in other races and in women. "

And one for good luck...


The drug used to treat the condition, Isotretinoin, sounds like a weaponized modification of Vitamin A.

"Isotretinoin is available only from a certified pharmacy under a special program called iPLEDGE. You must be registered in the program and understand the risks and benefits of taking this medicine.

It is dangerous to try and purchase isotretinoin on the Internet or from vendors outside of the United States.

Isotretinoin in just a single dose can cause severe birth defects or death of a baby. Never use this medicine if you are pregnant or may become pregnant."


Newer treatments reported include tumor necrosis factor blockers (TNFB), quinolones, macrolide antibiotics, rifampin, alitretinoin, metronidazole, and high dose zinc sulphate (135-220 mg TID). Isotretinoin seems to provide the best chance at remission, but the number of reports is small, dosing schedules variable, and the long term follow up beyond a year is negligible; treatment failures have been reported. TNFB can succeed when isotretinoin fails, either as monotherapy, or as a bridge to aggressive surgical treatment, but long term data is lacking. Non-medical therapies noted in the last decade include: the 1064 nm laser, ALA-PDT, and modern external beam radiation therapy . Studies that span more than 1 year are lacking.


So is this an accurate depiction of what happens to the scalp of Morgellons sufferers? Post your assessment in the comment 


What to do immediately if you experience an episode of Morgellons Scalp?  

Discontinue all sugar, and carbs (including bread and pasta) for 3 days. Keep track of how you respond to this diet change. If there is improvement, it can rule out certain possibilities and shed light on what is causing your symptom and eliminate some possibilities.

Donate to help :

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Mold, Lyme, and Morgellons The Subtle Differences. Therapy Options (Part one - 10 pass ozone)

Lyme is defined by Borellia bacteria infection. Co-infections are everything else that come with it. Borellia can originate from many vectors not just ticks as we have been led to believe. Left untreated it often soon becomes accompanied by co-infections that include several other bacteria which we will discuss in future writings.

Morgellons, remains unrecognized by the medical establishment so many doctors act as if it does not exist. It is comparable to Lyme on steroids with a nasty twist.

In both cases a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) will be your best chance at getting medical treatment. When dealing with any doctor try to avoid being the first one to use the word 'Morgellons'. Approach your condition as Lyme with additional symptoms. Stick to the symptoms and avoid speculation of what you think it is or repeating what you've read on the internet.

Some have been labeled delusional by doctors and once this appears on your medical record, each doctor that follows will see this diagnosis and may be biased.

Here is a good resource to help you find a doctor willing to assist: 

But what about mold sickness? The following is information on the tests to request alongside additional resources:

As I stated in an earlier post, a few years ago I moved to (The Republic of) Panama from Virginia. I now find myself living in an area where there is no Lyme and there are no LLMDs. At the start of it all, I attempted to get medical assistance but I was told I am fine and there is nothing wrong with the exception of allergies. I was given a prescription for three different eye drops. What an excellent pharmaceutical salesman that doctor was!

Mold Sickness and Morgellons both are accompanied by sensations of crawling, stinging, or biting. Often you see nothing but would swear something just bit or stung you. Lyme victims often lack this symptom.

Mold can cause a flat red lesion about the size of a dime with a dot in the middle. It appears somewhere isolated on the body. Unlike an insect bite which is often raised, the resulting macular lesion is not raised. It takes weeks longer to resolve than an insect bite and may or may not itch. Just as it finally heals another may appear somewhere else on the body.

Lyme has been stereotyped with an erythema migrans rash as pictured in the next link below. It is nicknamed the 'bulls eye' rash but it doesnt always look like a bulls eye and varies in size.

The rash can vary in size but heals from the center towards the edges, referred to as central clearing. About half of Lyme victims do not notice any rash.

A Lyme co-infection named Bartonella will cause a rash with long wide streaks to appear in a vertical or horizontal pattern. These marks appear like scratch marks but the 'streaks' can appear almost instantaneously.

"There are currently over 40 documented species of Bartonella, identified as causing human diseases—including cat scratch disease; Carrion’s disease; trench fever; endocarditis; bacteremia; myocarditis; bacillary angiomatosis; and various ocular diseases

Clinical signs and symptoms of infection vary widely depending on both the specific tissue infected and the immune status of the host. Bartonella henselae is the most common ocular pathogen, although B. quintana, B. grahamii and B. elizabethae infections each have been reported to infect the eye."
Mold is a fungus. In Spanish they do not distinguish from mold, mildew, fungus, ringworm, yeast, candida, or even edible mushrooms. It is all called 'hongos'.

There are certain molds that exist in yeast form at body temperature. These are known as dimorphic fungi as they can exist in different forms depending on the temperature of their environment. These are adaptable and some are pathogenic to humans.

Dimorphic fungi comprised of known and yet to be classified type play a central role in Morgellons. 

Researchers are often confused by the undocumented DNA sequences being discovered in fungi today. Upon closer examination, they contain DNA resembling multiple types of organisms.

These are difficult to classify as they can have characteristics of a protozoa with parts resembling yeast and other organisms.  

Below is a link to an interview with Dr. S. Fry describing a new organism, protomyxzoa rhematica, with mixed species traits as "similar to malaria, similar to babesiosis, even more complex genetically, sort of in between a helminth [parasitic worm] and a protozoan."

I am confident that more will emerge going forward.

The fungus like growth attracts fungi consuming insects which will bite you. You may find multiple types of insects taking an interest in you. After all you smell like food. The bite from an infected insect injects bacteria and microscopic nematode larvae just under the skin.

A healthy immune system can respond to the invaders where a Mold Sick individual will be unable to.

Treat insect bites as soon as possible to prevent larvae maturation and dissemination. Place a generous dab of antibiotic ointment on the bite area about the size of and thickness of a dime. Loosely cover it with a band aid so the ointment doesn't get wiped away, but leave space for the ointment to bulge a bit.

Continue to do this and try to keep ointment atop it for at least 24 hours consecutively. Reapply ointment as needed to keep a layer on the bite with new band-aids as needed. 

In a pinch where you have no antibiotic ointment, you can wipe the area with alcohol and then dab some petroleum jelly.

The idea is to cause any microscopic nematode larvae introduced under the skin to surface seeking oxygen. They then get coated in ointment, suffocate, and die.

Untreated the larvae mature, reproduce, disseminate, and create additional bacteria. Each type of larvae are known to have symbiotic relationships with certain bacteria. Where there is one you will find the other.

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of Lyme and or Morgellons by many doctors, including the ones familiar with these diseases. Many fail to address parasites and fungal issues and prescribe one or more antibiotics.

Antibiotics encourage fungal growth. Many on antibiotics get better temporarily only to get sick again as these bacteria producing nematodes often go unaddressed.   

A course of Doxycycline administered quickly after initial infection may prevent Lyme, but there have been cases that show this is not always the case.

Both Morgellons and Lyme begin with a vector but present with slight differences. These differences can help you to determine which you are dealing with. Both are slowly advancing conditions and get worse if left untreated.

If you can recognize early warning signs there are many steps you can take to treat and prevent co-infections. The later you wait to treat, the more co-infections that will follow.

Morgellons often initially presents as a yeast or fungal infection. For men this may manifest as the jock-itch from hell that wont resolve using topical anti-fungal and yeast creams. It may manifest as ringworm that keeps returning regardless of the amount of Terbinafine your doctor prescribes.

Sufferers of Morgellons and Mold Sickness can experience intermittent crawling, and biting sensations occur as infection affects the nervous system. Yeast grows explosively in budding chains and this too affects the nervous system.

A major difference with Morgellons sufferers when compared to Lyme is a major widespread insatiable itch that is relentless.

Through each stage of each of the three infections, I experienced varying degrees of this sensation known as formication.

There are other symptoms common to Mold Sickness, also found in Lyme, which include cluster headaches, tinnitus, sneezing, and increased tear production. Vision problems and red eyes were one of my earliest symptoms.

An important point to make is that Mold Sickness can precede Lyme which can precede Morgellons.

All three can experience some form of lung pain. The way this presents can be a big clue as to which is affecting you.

Morgellons produces pain on inhale that slowly progresses often unilaterally at first. It comes and goes. Then it gets worse and eventually progresses to the adjacent lung. In Morgellons nothing shows on an X-ray or CT scan of the area and you are told that you are fine but may be given some pills to help you 'feel better'.

For myself it has responded to Biaxin (Clarithromycin) 500mg bid.

Mold Sickness may show visibly on X-ray or CT scan in cases of invasive Aspergillosis.

Lyme lung pain is different still and is often described as a feeling of 'air hunger' or not being able to absorb oxygen.

In Lyme a bacterial co-infection named Babesia is often the culprit. Babs, as we like to call her, brings night sweats, vivid dreams, and waking in the wee morning hours. She leaves you breathless but not in a good way!  

Skin may also eject tiny specs or barely visible grains which can be felt but not always seen and although some Lyme sufferers experience this condition they may have Morgellons and not know it yet.

One of the late and most upsetting symptoms of Mogellons are visible fibers of multiple colors protruding from the skin. The disease is classified by this symptom but this is flawed logic as it occurs late after exposure. 

Going forward I believe it will become widespread knowledge that carriers of Morgellons have pupils that fluoresce in UV light and testing can be done at home with a UV flashlight costing under $10.

Morgellons sufferers can also experience visible parasitic infections from untreated bites from multiple vectors. These often manifest as worms but can include mites, flies as in myiasis, and anthropod like creatures, and in some cases collembolan.

One way you can determine if you have actual mites crawling on the skin is to cease consumption of all bread products, sugar, and starches for a week. It may only take a few days to get an answer as in my case all crawling stopped in three days of the dietary change.

If the crawling sensation responds to this by stopping, then it is being caused by yeast (dimporphic fungi) and or bacteria and not by the larger parasites. It truly does feel like mites crawling all over and can be very deceiving.

Morgellons sufferers commonly experience scalp lesions and rash, and other skin lesions in other parts of the body well before any visible fibers appear.These are slow to heal and never really return to the original skin color leaving a blemish well after healing.

Friends and associates of mine with various degrees of Mold Sickness, Lyme, and Morgellons have shared with me some success stories which have helped them achieve remission of their condition.

Since it takes five years of being symptom free to medically define one as cured we will have to wait and see if they are cures but we can explore the ones that help.

I also have discovered some things that slow the progression of the diseases on my own through research, as well as clinical detection methods for testing for these conditions to know if you are afflicted and the differences.

I must disclose that I am not a doctor and just a guy on the internet who has been inspired to bring you some helpful information from the conjecture of myself and others with these afflictions. I give no medical advice and you are ultimately the one responsible for whatever action you decide to take going forward.

There is little scientific evidence that tells us anything definitive about these conditions no less how to cure them. I have shared in your suffering so I wish to offer as much help as I possibly can.           
Going forward we are going to take a closer look at some successful treatment stories from myself and others and what they did to get there. This first one is one of the most promising. 

I wrote a recent email to a clinic in Salt Lake City which I heard was the cheapest in the United States for this treatment but I am not aware if this is fact. I have no affiliation with the clinic but have provided a link to their site in case you wish to take a closer look at what they offer.

Rather than attempt to explain something that I myself have yet to attempt I encourage you to direct your questions about the therapy directly to the clinic at the link below to see if it is right for you.

I have attempted only direct intravenous ozone therapy and reached a point of stalemate to where I was not improving after 8 weeks only to then find out that this form of ozone treatment carries high risk, whereas the one below is a more proper application of ozone therapy with high rates of reported success.

The email below is my inquiry to this clinic. It details what I have been through and reflects my own personal story so as I wear my heart on my sleeve I wish to share it with you: 

"I am inquiring about 10 pass ozone therapy cost and the time it would take to complete this. 

I would naturally travel to Salt Lake and would also like to know what hotels are closest to your office to taxi as needed.

I have multiple infections that began manifesting beginning with long term mold exposure starting in August of 2014 which led to mold sickness.

The suspected dimorphic fungi became systemic and weakened my immune system which then invited multiple co-infections.

Just when I thought I had cured myself of the mold sickness and discontinued Fluconazole, then following month specific Lyme symptoms developed.

More recently there are the beginning of symptoms of that strange condition the medical system wont recognize.

It is often referred to as starting with an 'M'. It is the disease that will automatically get me labeled as delusional if I so much as mention it and therefore I dare not.

I have not progressed downhill rapidly because I have continuously researched medical journals for close to a 1000 hours and counting for the duration of this illness.

I have been self treating with Fluconazole and multiple antibiotics and anthelmintics. 

I do try to be cautious but nobody should be placed in a position where they feel as if there is no other option.

Had I trusted any previous doctors I have dealt with to date, I would likely have a detached rectus in my left eye but because I began self treatment, my eye feels better than it has been in a little over 2 years.

Every trip to any conventional specialist has been a complete waste of time and money as they continuously misdiagnose, and refuse to listen.

If I had eye allergies as they suggested, then why did a Doxycycline / Fluconazole combination clear up my eye?!

I would prefer not to continue to ingest potentially toxic drugs and begin to work towards restoring my gut flora.

In addition to this, I also have good reason to believe that I have am dealing with a Propionibacterium acnes infection in my spine.

This has manifested as a slow progression of chronic pain which has been escalating for 28 years.

L5/S1 is confirmed herniated by MRI, yet the thoracic region dosent show anything remarkable. The pain in the thoracic region sometimes feels as if it migrates between T9/10 and T4/5.

There was no trauma to my spine and it all began a few years after my first dental implant at the age of 20. I am now 48 years of age.

I have not been officially diagnosed with anything (except herniation at L5/S1) because the specialists have failed me.

Rather than test for anything that I have specifically asked for they have deceived me by testing for things that I did not request and then attempted to refer me to additional specialists.

The irony is that I am paying 100% out of pocket so why is it I cant obtain the specific tests that I have asked for?

I know this must be as difficult to believe as it is for me to disclose.

Please let me know what problems you can help with and what I should and or should not expect from ozone treatment.

I am frustrated but keeping calm and making progress, but nobody should have to do this alone."

There is a very good chance that you are not delusional and its a sure bet that you are not alone.

Your stress levels directly correlate to how fast the disease will progress or how quickly you may recover. I assure you panicking and pointing fingers will only make the situation a whole lot worse quickly.

Be careful. There is a lot of misinformation about these conditions on the internet and we will discuss this in the future also. Some even telling you not to bathe. You should absolutely try to keep yourself as clean as possible, but there is no reason to go overboard or resort to dangerous chemical treatments. You didn't get this overnight and there is no speedy cure.

The best first thing you can do is to avoid sugar, breads, and most carbs and begin taking Xylitol in 1/4 tsp increments until you can handle up to 4 tsp per day. This will cut down the yeast and many invasive bacteria as it will consume the Xylitol thinking it is sugar, but will not be able to convert it into energy causing it to starve.

Subscribe to this blog as well as my YouTube channel ClintFromNYtoVA and feel free to share it with others. Keep hope alive and know that we will one day find the answer and if there are people to hold accountable we will do so. I wish you recovery and peace of mind.

Until next time do yourself a favor and stay calm.

This blog is dynamically being updated as well as all of the previous posts on Morgellons as I review them and think of better ways to express my ideas and communicate my thoughts. So check the old posts also as there has likely been something new added to them recently.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mold sickness, then Lyme, and my Descent into Morgellons - My story and steps taken

This blog will begin to move into the direction of analyzing treatments that people claim have helped or cured them.

In August of 2014 I moved to Panama. The infection would be triggered by mold sickness. I may have become infected in VA. 

I began to have a film cover my eye and reduced my vision slowly and became irritated. 

A painful epididymal cyst in my testicle was diagnosed. I now suspect this was a mold spore.

Alternaria was clearly visible in the home. I've read cases where dogs testicles have swollen from exposure. It infected my left eye.

I began to develop a ringworm type rash on the face and body.

3 months slow incremental dosing of Nascent Iodine to 15mg daily cleared the cyst, bran fog,  cluster headaches, restored energy, and has rejuvenated my thyroid.

Terbinafine 500mg bid /15d was tried initially and attacked a fungal infection in a muscle behind the left eye. I felt it working one hour after taking it as the muscle behind my left eye tingled and itched. 

Itraconazole 100mg /11d helped clear the 'film' that was forming on the cornea.

From the start I appeared to have very few isolated spots of tinea versicolor on arms.

A few subcutaneous nodules appear from time to time taking weeks to resolve much like in Sporotrichosis yet I dont believe it is.

Unlike S.schenckii which causes Sporo there is no suppuration in the forearms and these do not progress to pustules nor gummata in the arms.

There appears to be a hematogenous spread from these hard yet painless nodules in the forearm to soft painless enlargements appearing like stops on a metro rail map within swollen veins. I would guess these are near lymph nodes.

After this first course I saw an ophthalmologist who stain tested the eyes for fungal infection and completed a thorough examination with a slit lamp. I believe at the time there was still candida in the eyes which he some how missed. It was likely small or I developed it shortly after.

I should have seen him before the Itraconazole but the timing just worked out this way.

There is 5-10% permanent damage, to the ciliary muscle. The left eye is not able to focus as accurately as it did before.

I will attempt the Bates method to restore the ciliary muscle and improve my focus.

Doxycycline 100mg bid used would later prove his diagnosis of allergies as incorrect.

I discovered Fluconazole had better penetration in the eye. It is over the counter here. It cleared all skin rash and resolved floaters. The final problem of a stationary foreign object on the cornea resolved and I was ecstatic.

Combining Fluconazole with Nystatin pulsing helped kill the excess yeast in the gut (herx city). Combining it with Doxy pulsing restored the sclera from red to white rather rapidly.

Doxycycline is known to make Fluconazole go from fungistatic to fungicidal.

6 months of continuous daily use of Fluconazole 400 mg and cured, or so I thought....

Oil pulling with ozonated Coconut Oil and Xylitol quickly and effectively arrested and cleared a failed dental implant infection that was beginning to hurt.

I suspect P. Acnes bacteria which normally resides on the skin traveled through a dental implant that I got in my 20's and caused the chronic pain in my spine that I have suffered from for 28 years. While I treat mold, lyme, and Morgellons symptoms I have also begun taking Augmentin tid for 100 days as was outlined in this clinical study:

I cannot recommend dental implants. I plan to have remaining ones removed.

Throw away your glycerine toothpaste and get a non-glycerine one like EarthPaste.

The glycerin coats teeth and prevents remineralization and healing of teeth.

I am finding it difficult to trust an industry that willingly gave us mercury fillings and marketed them as silver and will admit no harm. When I was a child I always thought they were silver. If only I knew then what I know now!

I am sorry to inform you that Lyme may cause you to lose your teeth anyway. Ask to see your teeth if you have them removed. You will notice the decay started on the inside and they are hollow rotting from the inside out.       

From the outside this often appears as a cavity at the base of a tooth.

I figured if I had parasites then no other method for healing could work until I get rid of the parasites. 

5 cycles of Ivermectin (4 days on 3off, 3days on,4 off, 2days on 5 off, 2days on 5 off). The 5th was of an extended length that I wont mention the length because I cannot justify doing a fifth cycle. This will knock out what it can knock out in 4 cycles.

I now use  Ivermectin to quell any recurrence of itch and it works in one dose and quickly. A 6mg single dose now works for me and I dont need it often as long as I remain on Fluconazole 400 mg / d.

I believe Ivermectin has helped remove some nematode(s) in the GI tract. I did several antihelmintic drugs in a modified Klinghardt protocol. The protocol can be found below.

Colloidal silver drops in the ear remove any irritation within days and for weeks at a time.

I began experiencing lung pain which at the time I thought was Aspergilosis.

I went back on Itraconazole for 28 days. It had been 2 years from the first time I used it.

In January I got an S.schenckii (Sporotrichosis) similar folliculitis in scalp sores which scabbed, rash by ears, sores inside the left cheek, and facial hair.

I believed I had mites crawling all over my scalp,face,and ears, yet it made little sense to me that I was affected and not my wife.

I figured if it were mites it wouldnt care what I ate. I stopped all sugar, carbs, breads.

The sensation rapidly resolved (yet others do have mites or Bartonella or yeast causing the sensations). It was not mites in my case although there are many sufferers of this condition with fibers, mites, worms, bacteria, yeast, and viruses.

I have become host to invaders which likely attract new infections which feed on the previous arrivals. I have become the dinner plate.   

Pores and skin fluoresce in UV light. Florescence occurs in the back of the throat between the tonsil walls and in pupils.

Tea tree oil soap as well as sulfur soaps have reduced areas which fluoresce on my skin.

28 days of Itraconazole at 100 mg bid should have helped S.schenckii or Aspergilosis but there was no improvement and continued breakout during. 

A friend recommends Clarithromycin 500 bid for the lung pain. This helped greatly is less frequent with reduced intensity and is 95% better. I still battle this.

Far IR Sauna has cleared grains of sand and a few arthropod like creatures.

These will still emerge dead if I massage the area. Collembola?I have no idea. They are visible and crunchy.

I am also on my second 14 day course of Mebendazole 100 bid. I am on Tinidazole 500 bid 2 wk pulse at a pre fibrous stage of this condition.

Cover any new insect bite with antibiotic ointment (for 24 hours) to suffocate injected nematode larvae. They will surface and die, else disseminate. This is why some end up with worms.

Morgellons sufferers have one or more uncommon dimorphic fungi which have disseminated throughout as well as multiple bacterial infections and sometimes viral ones.

I have been told that one person with this condition that they tested positive for Chaetomium globosum a dimorphic fungi (exists as mold at room temperature / yeast at body temperature)

A quick search at the link below and you will also see that they are scrambling for a drug that is effective against this invasive fungi, so maybe there is something to this. I will continue to investigate.

This mold is modified and used in crop pest control.

This and other dimorphic fungi get in hair follicles. The yeast may cause tingling sensations as it grows.

I am slso on Diethylcarbamazine 100 qid and stabilized oxygen drops throught the day (the jury still out on these).

This is not evolution. It is GMO disease:

More information will be added with tips from myself and others to follow. It has been a wild ride and a fascinating time to be alive. Follow along and lets defeat Morgellons, Lyme, and Mold Sickness!

I am now using a modified version of the Klinghardt Protocol.

The Klinghardt Protocol from 2013 is listed below. I do not know what he uses todays and I have modified the folowing protocol and Ive personalized it as I have indicated above.

1. Biltricide 600 mg - twice daily (q. 12 hours) for two days
Absorption increases most when taken with a high carb meal. A high fat meal increases it almost as much. Take with grapefruit juice to increase absorption also.

2. Ivermectin 12 mg - one 12 mg (or four 3 mg) tablet(s) four times per day for fourteen days (take at the same time as Pyrantel Pamoate) on an EMPTY stomach.
Pyrantel pamoate (liquid – 4 teaspoons) 1000 mg per day at bedtime for fourteen days.

3. Albenza 400 mg - Two 200 mg tablets twice per day for fourteen days (after completing fourteen days on Ivermectin and Pyrantel). Take with food. (every 12 hours)

4. Alinia 1000 mg - Two 500 mg tablets twice per day for fourteen days (after completing Albenza) every 12 hours

(A's addition from Dr. Clark’s Book - Levimasole 100 mg (3 times/day) before meals)


5. Mimosa Pudica (Biopure) - ½ teaspoon 2x/day for fourteen days mixed drink, milk or juice

6. Arteminisin (Biopure) - 200mgs 2x/day for fourteen days.
ALWAYS take with 4 oz. of grapefruit juice 30 minutes before meals.

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mold, Lyme, Morgellons - START HERE (revised 26mar17)

 Hello and welcome to this blog which will begin to take a more definitive and focused approach towards the resources available for healing Mold Sickness, Lyme, and the condition that has become known as Morgellons.

It has been and continues to be an amazing journey and I have had success at keeping myself from developing full blown Morgellons. I am constantly learning of new things about these conditions as I spend countless hours researching published medical journals.

I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice but instead relay information based upon my own personal treatments. I was ignored by doctors and forced to take matters into my own hands. You are responsible for your own health.

I will begin in depth analysis of items that I have used successfully in future posts in this blog. The key is recognizing the condition before it progress to the next stage and break this chain of events at a core level.

Each infection has the ability to pave the way for the next unless you break the chain of events. You become the dinner plate for a host of different organisms which then attract its predators and this becomes and endless progression into a nightmarish condition.

Antibiotics alone often do not cure and are a common cause of the infection returning accompanied  with yeast overgrowth. Yeast overgrowth is a major if not the most important factor in how Morgellons progresses.

There are some clear and not so clear differences among the conditions, but one can trigger the others. I have suffered many of them in the order listed in the title. I still battle but I am winning overall and am confident all of these pathogens can be eliminated but it takes time and money.

Morgellons is a rich persons disease and I am not rich therefore I am always looking to save money in my treatments by eliminating supplements and tests that are unnecessary.

You should not have to wait for fibers to protrude from the skin or parasites to appear before taking action to break the chain to stop the progression. Many of the steps I took are effective for all three conditions as I have run the gamut but I will specify.

The further the progression of these conditions the more difficult and prolonged the required actions will be.

No single therapy is prefect for everyone but there are exciting developments which we will explore in detail on future posts.

A healthy immune system is  key to keeping the population of all Lyme bacteria in check regardless of infection. 

Minimizing stress supports a healthy immune system.

As you likely know, stress produces an excess of the stress hormone, cortisol, which weakens the immune system and gives disease the advantage to manifest.

This stressor can be mentally induced by how we choose to react to events in our life. It can also be sourced environmentally, as many have manifested Lyme and related complicated co-infections following heavy exposure to mold spores.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of any of these conditions should check their environment for mold. Anyone feeling better after going on vacation just to return to a poor state when home again should also check their environment for mold. This problem must be corrected immediately.

The Borellia infection which is definitive of Lyme often paves the way for other infections to follow.

But it is very possible that we already have many of these bacteria in our system and our immune system keeps populations check, similar to the way that our immune system kills cancer cells on a daily basis.

There was a time when only two bacteria were known to be able to transfer DNA into humans one of which is Bartonella a well known co-infection of Lyme. This also appears to be changing but science will often identify this as a previously unknown discovery as opposed to a known modification in the behavior of an organism.

I believe Morgellons sufferers are also infected with many bacteria common to Lyme as well as yeast from dimorphic fungi (mold which converts to yeast in the body). A fungi ridden body tends to attract larger parasites by actions in nature. A yeast ridden body brings with it a lowered immune system attracting many insects which feed on fungus.

This is not limited to the tick. It also includes spider, fleas, bed bugs, mites or winged insects. Basically every insect that bites us is capable of transmitting disease.

Infected insects can and do transmit nematode larvae along with bacteria when they bite. If the bite is left untreated the larvae can grow and disseminate into other areas of the body. Treated each one from the start as if infected.

I always place a generous amount of antibiotic ointment on each insect bite as soon as possible and then cover it with a bandage for 24 hours. This will cause any nematode larvae inadvertently injected by an infected insect, to surface for air and suffocate in the process. The larvae are microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye but some are visible by the time they grow to adulthood. Preventing reinfection is a key process in any parasite protocol.

Morgellons involves additional dimorphic fungal infections (mold when inhaled, converting into yeast form at body temperature) that may be missing in Lyme sufferers.

Lyme sufferers could be one fungal infection away from developing Morgellons and with the frequent use of antibiotics is always at risk unless that risk is somehow countered.

The medical community has barely begun to recognize Lyme as a chronic infection but turns an official blind eye to Morgellons often based of the symptoms and speculations the suffer labeling sufferers with "delusions of parasitosis" (DOP). Once labeled delusional on your permanent medical record future doctors may treat you accordingly.

A better approach if you do not wish to have to go it alone is to see and Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). You can search for one here.

Most doctors including those in the LLMD group do not write prescriptions for medications which treat parasites, but some of the better ones do. Therefore attempt to sound educated and ask if the doctor incorporates anthelmintic treatment in his protocol when appropriate.

There are ways of obtaining these as I have purchased from for horses and India based pharmacies for the human versions of anthelmintic medications.

We will discuss the Klinghardt Protocol in a future post which details using anthelmintics in cycles as well as the importance of treating for parasites and why testing often fails.

Unknown and difficult to detect organisms with altered DNA are being discovered since the expansion of cross species modification of multiple types of organisms became widespread. Science will act like it has always been there yet went undetected. It will always use evolution as a deflection tactic to protect commercial interests. Its not just plants that are genetically modified but a broad spectrum of organisms.

The genetically modified organisms include insects, yeast, fungus, mold, bacteria, nematodes, and the like whose DNA has been altered in a lab. Many altered organisms have been introduced for the purpose of controlling crop pests and these are just the ones we know about.

Difficult emerging diseases infecting humans in the last three decades happen to correspond with the advent of cross species modifications.       
It is now estimated that humans may harbor more than 100 genes from other organisms including bacteria, archaea, fungi, and other microorganisms.

The following scientific article linked below states this is simply a by-product of human evolution.

It seems we have evolved a lot in just the last three decades which would suggest evolution is not responsible for this.

I postulate that horizontal gene transfers between the lower life forms on up the food chain is resulting in gene transfers between microorganism and human that didn't occur 30 years ago.

These unnatural modifications have created the perfect storm for gene transfers to become more prevalent across multiple species.

As we have DNA transfer from other species combine with our human DNA we will become susceptible to the infections that used to be solely species specific. If this is what is occurring all diseases resulting from this would manifest as "emerging" by default. We have entered into dangerous waters and we will not be able to place this genie back into its bottle therefore we must go on the defensive.     

The once was a time when genetically modified organisms were only produced using genetic material from similar species. This had been occurring for a very long time and was considered relatively safe and probably was.

What the general public tends to overlook when discussing genetically modified organisms that have been occurring safely for a very long time is that the long history of safe DNA tinkering was limited to the same species until recently.

"In 1971, the first debate over the risks to humans of exposure to GMOs began when a common intestinal microorganism, E. coli, was infected with DNA from a tumor-inducing virus (Devos et al., 2007). Initially, safety issues were a concern to individuals working in laboratories with GMOs, as well as nearby residents. However, later debate arose over concerns that recombinant organisms might be used as weapons. The growing debate, initially restricted to scientists, eventually spread to the public, and in 1974, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) established the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee to begin to address some of these issues.

 People have been altering the genomes of plants and animals for many years using traditional breeding techniques. Artificial selection for specific, desired traits has resulted in a variety of different organisms, ranging from sweet corn to hairless cats. But this artificial selection, in which organisms that exhibit specific traits are chosen to breed subsequent generations, has been limited to naturally occurring variations. 

 In recent decades, however, advances in the field of genetic engineering have allowed for precise control over the genetic changes introduced into an organism. Today, we can incorporate new genes from one species into a completely unrelated species through genetic engineering, optimizing agricultural performance or facilitating the production of valuable pharmaceutical substances. Crop plants, farm animals, and soil bacteria are some of the more prominent examples of organisms that have been subject to genetic engineering."

This has been occurring on an ever increasing scale with commercial applications since the early 1990's and not just in plants but in an extensive array of species on every level.

Once the genetic material began to be taken from other species and spliced together in labs to create things that were never intended to exist in nature we have noticed a large increase in the emergence of these strange infectious diseases which are beginning to approach epidemic levels.

Is it coincidental that the time frame of new and emerging infectious diseases such as Lyme correlate with commercialization of modified organisms not limited to plants? 

The link below implicates evolution but why have we evolved so quickly in just the last few decades?

The medical field is only beginning to recognize this cross species transmission in the world of viruses.  

As we obtain more and more DNA transfer from other species we will become more susceptible to a wide variety of disease that once only infected plants, fungi, insects as we will contain susceptible DNA in our bodies from all of these species. Practically anything we were immune to before now becomes possible.   

 Additional reading:
 Genetically Modified Organisms 25 Years On

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mold, Lyme, and Morgellons - Is there a connection? What I did - Part One

I've posted my story about how I got a massive mold infection from inhaling spores for years before I fixed a leaky roof in my home. Let me declare now that I am not a doctor and have no license to practice medicine and therefore I do not give medical advice.

So if I dont answer your question carefully rephrase to a hypothetical.

I am just a guy on the internet willing to share knowledge of over a thousand hours of research. What works for one may not work for another.

This led to a systemic fungal infection. How did I know it was systemic?

Yeast, Fungus, and Mold are often dermal pathogens existing on the dead layers of skin. Usually just a mild annoyance but when they beat down your immune system it becomes a game changer allowing multiple other organisms a free pass.

This in turn attracts that which feeds upon the latest arrivals. I have become the dinner plate to which a bunch of organisms have become attracted and therefore I must proceed with caution.  

If the body is kept healthy with nutrition, exercise, and proper rest the immune system identifies many of these as pathogens and will keep the population of these parasites in check.

We are surrounded by pathogens in our environment and normally our immune system handles it. But when constantly bombarded on a constant basis in large amounts the body loses its ability to respond. There are very few places in the world where mold are not at home.

Anti Fungal and yeast creams will work if used as directed if and when the infection is dermal. If the infection does not show improvement or keeps coming back strong within days of applying topically then you may have a systemic infection.

A systemic yeast infection in a male will often manifests as a case of the jock itch from hell that is non responsive to topical creams.

Just when I thought I had cured the systemic mold and yeast that is when strange symptoms specific to Lyme disease and other crazy bacterial infections began to manifest. Then to make matters even more complicated I began to exhibit the beginning signs of the disease known as Morgellons. 

Because I took rapid action I do not have it nearly as bad as some. I don't have the visible fibers yet but without continued treatment I imagine this would soon follow.

Because so many are being affected I feel its important that I address the treatments. Because each treatment is so intricate this must be done in parts. Therefore, I will be focusing on what I have learned that helps as an ongoing series.

I know some of you have it bad and have massive symptoms. Some of these symptoms are exactly what they appear to be and some are not.

We have to attack the biofilms and the nematodes that have a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria that infect us. Then we have to go after the bacteria and simultaneously boost your good flora in the  gut. Sometimes one followed by another and sometimes in conjunction.

Without doing this we will not heal. Antibiotics alone aren't going to cure you. The improvement will be temporary as this condition is complex.

I suspect those of us with mold sickness, Lyme, and the disease known as Morgellons have been infected primarily with a unclassified dimorphic fungi that has been genetically modified. 

A dimorphic fungi is one that exists as a mold at room temperature and as a yeast at body temperature. There is plenty of evidence that fungi, bacteria, and insects are being genetically modified to fight crop pests and clean up oil spills.

Although all of these conditions are related and somehow connected more often than not, the things that Morgellons sufferers will notice is many symptoms of Lyme.

So how does one distinguish between the two? Must we wait for fibers before we take action?  

The major differences you will notice before the Morgellons gets to the fibrous state often include the following:

Yeast, yeast, and more yeast. I went after the yeast aspect first as if you fail to get rid of this yeast aspect of this initial fungal infection then you will attract the insects and insect bites, then the nematodes will follow.  

Biting, crawling, stinging followed by an insatiable itch that is widespread on a large portion of the body such as face and torso.

Scalp, mouth and other areas will form slow to heal lesions.

Your teeth will decay from the inside out and appear hollow when they fall out or are removed. These dental carries often display decay at the base of the tooth.

Chest pains that are unlike the Babesia infections of Lyme.which is often characterized as 'air hunger' and although you can have Babesia accompany a Morgellons condition it will often manifest unilaterally as pain upon inhale that comes and goes but grows in intensity over time.

To treat the lung pain I took 500 mg bid Clarithromicyn twice daily at the recommendation of a friend who also suffers from this condition. I still battle this but am better 95 percent of the time. Until you can get this going into a sauna may help relieve symptoms but will not resolve them.    

The feeling of mites crawling all over the body which may be folliculitus or mites crawling. The way to tell the difference is to stop consuming sugar, bread, and carbohydrates for 3 days and see if the sensation resolves.

If it does you dont have mites and you have learned a powerful weapon towardsthe fight against folliculitus.

If it doesnt and you havent cheated with even a small amount of the forbidden items then you may actually have mites.      

Ivermectin is a nobel prize winning drug that resolves a broad spectrum of nematode infections is restricted by many doctors and therefore I had to obtain the horse paste product which you can find on

It is not meant for long term continuous use but when used properly is relatively safe and doesnt interact with most other medications. See the previous post in this blog for details. If not cycled and you have nematodes they will keep coming back as Ivermectin does not affect the eggs laid by the nematode.

Check for side effects, contraindications, dosage and become familiar with them. I tested a dab for allergies before ingesting my first dose. Few should self administer without intensive research and guidance. Always attempt to get help from a doctor. LLMD or Lyme Literate Medical Doctors should empathize and be able to relate to your condition so look for this qualification. 

Doctors outside of LLMD's will be of little help and will think you are delusional. Once labelled as delusional it is difficult to get taken seriously by any doctor in the future so rather than risk this on your permanent medical record seek out a LLMD first, and do not see a dermatologist.

You are not delusional. I have never been delusional but they are not allowed to treat diseases without established names and know little of slow acting parasites so if you do go see one say you want to be tested for Lyme.
The most useful items to help me recover in the yeast phase was Fluconazole 400 mg / day. A clay colored stool is an indicator that your liver is not compatible with this drug and you should back off. Other indicators exist but they are similar to the symptoms of the disease so how do you tell?

I had to work dosing up and stop for a week due to kidney fatigue. This isnt the most optimal way to take this drug but you do what you can when you can.

I had to continue this medication for 6 months before getting complete relief but I came off of it too early and symptoms returned so I am back on it.

Also nascent iodine helped to clear the brain fog, lethargy, and my thyroid issues. I had to begin slowly at 1mg and increased by 1mg each day until I maxed out at 15mg / day in the morning on an empty stomach.

The iodine will push years of Fluoride and Bromine poisoning through the skin. So it seems like we are getting sicker but it is helping the thyroid heal and detoxing us rapidly.

I was unfortunate enough to get a rare painful epidydimal cyst which was cured after a few months of Nascent Iodine use and the 'brain fog' cleared. The three day long cluster headaches above my eye had stopped. I now had more energy and I would need it to conduct what is now approaching a thousand hours of research on fungus, mold, yeast, Lyme, and Morgellons.

If you have painless but firm nodules under the skin you may need to combine a larger amount with a fatty meal or you may have to use a stronger form or higher dose but you will need to do so cautiously. This is a symptom of Sportotrichosis but it doesnt necessarily mean that it is the same fungus that causes Sporo. 

There are similar funguses that may act like Sporo but if you suspect Sporo and you wish to get tested by a doctor for it you must indicate that you suspect this condition as it will require a special test not otherwise given.

I bought a cheap UV flashlight on Amazon to see if my pupils glowed or fluoresce, which they did. I believe this is an early sign of infection that happens before the fibers manifest. Check your skin and inside your mouth and please comment and let me know.

I am not a doctor and never give medical advice. I can only say what I did and cannot tell you what you should do.
Everything I chronicle is from personal experience and what I did on my own and I have made massive improvements and slowed the progression of this condition.

Had I relied on the doctors available to me I would be deathly ill. You can hardly tell that I have this affliction without looking at me closely or under UV light.

Terbinafine was the first drug that was actually prescribed to me and it wasn't completely useless but this invader adapts and renders it useless.

If you have a film on your eye like I did the following may help. I used a 14 day course of Terbinafine 500 mg. If you feel the muscle behind your eye tingling from the Terbinafine use within an hour of use, then this is likely needed to save your sight. If you do not feel this then it is not and will be of little use.

To remove the actual cloudy film on my eye I used Itraconazole 100 mg per day for 2 weeks. This is all I could tolerate at first as the side effect of chest pains followed. I toughed through it and completed this course. If your legs of feet swell or you pass a clay colored stool you may have to stop and revisit it later.

There is a fungal or several fungal components to this disease that I haven't figured out completely what it is as I believe it is genetically modified form of candida, yeast, mold.
 Fluconazole stops the disease from progressing and slowly kills the fungus. 

It took me six months at 400mg per day to make gains but it was essential to fully clear the eyes of floaters and a foreign object sensations. I imagine I will be on this for a very long time as stopping it led to the return of itching so I am back on it.  

During the Fluconazole use I cycled 2 weeks on of Doxycycline 100mg twice a day and two weeks off. My eyes began to go from red and irritated to white. The former makes the latter fungicidal as opposed to just fungistatic and prevents resistance as per an article located here:

When I wasn't taking Doxy I was using Nystatin in conjunction with the Fluconazole.

Fungus likes sugar and bread and even nutritional yeast. Don't be fooled into taking any yeast or yeast products and make sure your probiotics do not contain yeasts. 

Using antibiotics gives fungus the advantage to grow. I had to use systemic antifungals with the antibiotics to get better.

Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that is anti candida, if you can't afford the Fluconazole try working your way up from 1/4 tsp to 2 tsp daily. Too quickly and you get the runs. I use both. 

Just because something makes you feel bad at first doesnt mean it is not working in fact it often is quite the opposite. This is known as the Herxheimer Reaction and is detailed best here:

Foods that you should eat daily to treat and prevent manifestation of Morgellons disease include: Seaweed, Brown Rice, and natural salt (avoid table salt iodized or not).  

When I stopped the Fluconazole after six months because I thought I was cured of what I believed to be solely mold sickness the joy was short lived as some specific symptoms mimicking Lyme disease began to manifest. 

The symptoms were so specific that Lyme disease was the logical conclusion. Ice pick headaches, tinnitus, vibrations that felt like a pager in my pocket which was empty. Then an insane itch broke out over a large area of the body yet there was no rash.

I began to educate myself on Lyme disease as I was coming to grips with this disease and could no longer live in denial. The more I learned about Lyme, the more I discovered there were important details being left out. The emphasis on this being a tick borne disease was suspicious to me as I hadn’t been bitten by a tick in decades.

I also learned that fungus attracts many insects which bite and these insects are often infected themselves and transmit nematode larvae into our skin. Its not just a tick that can do this but fleas, mosquitoes, sand flies, and biting flies.

To prevent Lyme these bites need to be covered for 24 hours with a generous amount of antibiotic ointment as soon as possible. The larvae passed on from the infected insect needs oxygen and when it can't breathe through the skin, it will surface for oxygen, suffocate, and die. If this is not done you risk dissemination throughout the body and this is why many with Morgellons get worms, maggots, and flies. If this happens you will need antihelminitc drugs. 

This nematode connection to Lyme disease is intentionally being left out of official literature with regards to Lyme. Lyme is the name given to the disease caused by a bacteria called Borrelia Burgdorferi (Bb) which was named after the scientist who discovered it, the late Dr. Willie Burgdorferi. 

He has been quoted as saying that there is more to Lyme disease than he is allowed to say which alluded to the nematode factor. Other doctors like Alan B. MacDonald are refusing to be silenced and have disclosed the nematode larvae link to biting insects connection to Lyme disease as well as a multitude of diseases which until now had no known cause or cure. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, even diabetes and autism are now being discovered to have links to not only this bacteria but the nematodes that have a symbiotic relationship with them and numerous vectors are capable of transmitting them.   

Dr. MacDonalds website can be found here:  as well as his lectures on Youtube and I highly recommend you check them out and get educated on the subject as it is rapidly becoming endemic worldwide. We are being lied to so we remain sick and treatments fail because we are not addressing the core of the problem.

The approach that should be followed is to rid ourselves of the toxic metals in our bodies which is what these parasites feed upon. Yet if these parasites feed on toxic metals that shouldn’t be in our bodies they can’t be all that bad, can they? The problem is the benefit is outweighed by the toxic bacteria that these larger parasites have a symbiotic relationship with therefore producing an abundance of them in out bodies. As our systems become overloaded with them this in turn attracts more natural predators and their predators and so on and so forth. This weakens the immune system and opens the door for yet more parasites of all forms including insects, nematodes, bacteria, and viruses all which feed on one another and ultimately you.

Just about everything lies somewhere on a food chain and when the food is plentiful that which consumes it appears as if by magic but more likely it is attracted by the pheromones produced by the prey.

The many examples of this is shown in the following video 

Many of these nematode bacterial symbiotic relationships are well known and the life threatening ones are often identified and treated for with medicine, but many more are being discovered daily. Some of these relationships and growth processes are so slow that they are not recognized properly. Another problem is that without known organism and their known predators there are no tests. Often the pathogen must be suspected in order to be tested for as health insurance companies will balk at the cost of gamut testing and therefore it is rarely if ever done. In addition to this certain tests are less than perfect and produce false negative results. To make matters even more complicated bacteria mutate and evolve developing ways of stealing proteins as cover sort of like a wolf in sheets clothing which fools our immune systems into thinking it belong in our body. 

GMO foods causing strange diseases.  Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives - FULL MOVIE 

It doesnt end there, scientists have genetically modified bacteria and other organisms by manipulating proteins such as CD47 in the name of science in order to trick our bodies into thinking that the foreign body actually belongs,

Most of us know the story of how Africanized killer bees were developed in a lab to be the best honey producing bees to ever grace the planet yet when scientists play God and things escape into the world as they almost always will and mate with similar species terrible consequences  and imbalances can and often do happen.

A multitude of nematodes, flies, and bacteria are commonly used in agriculture to battle crop pests. This video shows how phoned flies are released to combat fire ants :

What many of us do not know is that this is being done on a large scale with impunity using genetically modified creatures secretly for profit with no oversight and we know neither the consequences or solutions of doing so. The species created and released into the wild will cross breed creating God only knows what. The military has been known to weaponize biological agents and release them on unsuspecting populations for testing on unsuspecting populations in now declassified documents.      

Recently the crossing of species genes created organisms that were never intended to be in existence. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine cited multitudes of health problems occurring from GMO food consumption in animals and the plants and animals we eat and they eat. The EPA and FDA has declared these foods safe with no oversight over the greed of chemical giants such as Monsanto and others which allow for self regulation. 

These foods cause allergies and disease which modify the DNA of everything that eats food (and what doesnt eat?) and the modifications are transmittable to offspring.

This causes symptoms and diseases that doctors have never seen and will not know what they are testing for. We will be forever changed.

Many infected remain asymptomatic for many years as the body’s natural immune system keeps these populations in check for a very long time until there is stressor event which weakens the immune system allowing the population to flourish. 

Ivermectin is an amtihelmintic which helps stop the crawling stinging and biting. I did 5 cycles of it as I describe in my Youtube video of it but when I stopped using it the extreme itching would return. Even after 5 cycles of it so now I am attempting a 30 day course of Ivermectin 3mg every 6 hours in hopes to stave them as it paralyzes the nematodes. I use it in conjunction with Fluconazole.  

I believe some have contracted myosis and other have contracted mites but I also believe there is a folliculitis infection that makes us feel like we have mites. Mites don't care what we eat so if you feel that you have them stop consuming sugar and bread for a week. 

If you have mites this won't help but if it is a bacterial or fungal component causing this sensation then removing sugar and bread from the diet will and then you will better know how to treat it. This is the best way to tell if you have mites.   

I have the folliculitis and that does feel like mites crawling all over the affected area, but when I changed the diet it ceased within days so I know that I am not dealing with mites.  

Mebendazole, Albendazole, and Praziquantel either starve or kill the nematodes that Ivermectin can't but check the contraindications on and become familiar with the serious side effects, contraindications, dosing by weight.

Febendazole is the horse version of these meds. Many anthelmintics are available to the public as horse pastes on Amazon. 

You will likely have trouble getting these meds from the doctors. The human forms of these medications can be gotten cheaper out of India from companies like All Day Chemist. If you plan to order from them you can help me by sending me an email saying you plan to order from them. I get no commision but points towards discounts on my future orders, so it would be much appreciated.
My email is and just say "Hello, planning to order from ADC"

Many of our bodies are loaded with heavy metals and this must be addressed. Some say this detox must be performed first. I am working on it now that I have learned the nematodes feed on the heavy metals in our bodies.
Cilantro will remove metals but a binder must be used or they will just circulate. Binders include chlorella and activated charcoal. I prefer the former as the later will neutralize many medicines and must be taken far apart in hours from the medicines.

Break up the biofilms while using antibiotics with caution. 

I drink a glass of lemon water in the morning first thing when I arise. On an empty stomach enzymes and suppllements such as serrapeptase, monolaurin, modified citrus pectin, caprylic acid, undecylenic acid, and other yeast management enzymes will help.

Xylitol and sugar alcohols also break up biofilms which protect the bacteria you don't want in your system. Take them 30 minutes prior to the antibiotics. 

For the lung pain:

Some speculate that this is a form of chlamydia or Actinobacillus or mycoplasma pleuropneumoniae.

It should respond to a macrolide antibiotic. I began with high doses of Amoxicillin but when this wasn't helping anymore I added a drug known as Biaxin the trade name for generic Clarithromycin.

I took 500mg 2x per day every 12 hours along with 1800mg of a supplement, NAC 2x per day to kill the spore form. improvement in 3 days and lungs no longer hurt at all after 10 days. I will continue it for 4 weeks after the last instance of any pain in the lungs. I did not experience any difficulty with this drug.

I am using Nascent Iodine but am switching to seaweed only as the source of my iodine. The Nascent Iodine quickly removes fluoride and bromide poisons but is so strong that it will detox very rapidly and push so many toxins through the skin that it may make it seem as if you are getting worse but this is all part of the detox.
It boosted my thyroid back to functional and got rid of the “brain fog” as well as a painful cyst I had developed. It is recommended to start slow. I started at 1mg and worked my way up to 15mg first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If you forget and eat then delay taking iodine until your stomach is empty.

There are a large number of people who say they only developed symptoms of Morgellons post iodine solution use, so the seaweed may be what you want. It all depends what you are willing to go through to get well.

I got some lessons but didn’t reach the visible fibers stage. 
I now Incorporate seaweed, Brown Rice, and natural salt (not table salt) into my diet daily. I stopped eating processed sugar and bread of all kinds. 

These foods that are bad will render the drugs useless and you will be wasting your money. You may wish to avoid fruit until you get the yeast under control. Anything that makes you tingle or skin crawl should be avoided. 

After you get the yeast under control you may be able to reintroduce some fruits. Now fruit sugar in its natural form within the fruits doesn't bother me so I just completed a 3 day pineapple fast and will eat fruit for lunch. 

Try to do a paleo or ketogenic diet and get to a state of ketosis. You may feel a bit weak when your body adapts but once it does your condition will improve. Once you are in ketosis then you can eat fruit for lunch. To stay in ketosis you should limit fruits to lunch only.   

Far Infrared sauna is kicking the grains out of my skin and there is less each time I use it. Try to use it once weekly. Drink plenty of fluids and sweat it out.

I first thought the grains of sand that I could feel coming out of my pores might be scabies eggs but no one in the house but me was suffering and scabies are highly contagious. A nurse that I respect analyzed them under a microscope and said these are clusters of bacteria. All my symptoms reacted quickly to the diet change therefore I was able to determine mites are not the issue with me. 

Sub to my you tube channel ClintFromNYtoVA. I am beginning to compile an enormous amount of info which I cannot possibly cover in one blog post and I will release more info as I get it.     

In order to continue my research I will be forced to rely on donations. I had to leave the US under less than ideal circumstances and upon leaving my business fell apart due to mismanagement. Hey, we all sometimes pick the wrong people who take advantage of our good nature.  

I know some of you cannot donate but I still want to help you so I will be posting all that I have learned and continue to learn about this condition for you regardless of your ability to donate.  

You can donate any amount no matter how small at the link below. Small tokens are appreciated and Bitcoin will buy me much needed medications.

I will be continuing research on this dreaded condition and every donation helps me have more time to do so. There is plenty more information forthcoming but this should be a solid amount to get you started. I will also be covering how I properly cycle the amtihelmintic medications.

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