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Monday, July 3, 2017

Pleomorphism and Yellow Colloidal Silver a Radical Solution

A wealth of information has been coming in as of late and I believe it is a direct result of me challenging the universe and asking the question "Why have I received the knowledge that I have acquired so late? Can I please have the knowledge disseminated to me in an accelerated fashion."

This prayer was answered and information continues to pour in. This information is challenging all of my existing paradigms that I have come to learn, but only because I remain open to the possibilities.

Much of the knowledge that we have acquired has been manipulated to be upside down and backwards. The internet allows us a glimpse into knowledge and truths that we may not have otherwise been exposed to. Before this information we had to blindly trust people in positions of authority. Doctors included.

Now the potential exists that we might actually break the chains that have been placed on us and rethink the existing paradigms.

This has led many to question even the shape of the earth and although we wont address this here, it goes to show we are living in fascinating times that would have us questioning everything we have ever learned.    

Although I am still of the globe earth model I admit I do not know, but I am more interested in information that I can use and apply to my life. I now realize I must approach everything with the untainted curiosity of a child and assume nothing.

I can no longer take anything for granted.

I recently came across a theory in orthobiology that is at least 60 years old, but has been experiencing  a modern resurgence. So much so that a microscope retailer has begun selling microscopes which incorporate an ultraviolet light. This allow for otherwise unseen particles to be seen.

When using this equipment you can witness amazing transformations that pull the rug out from under conventional and accepted theories of modern medicine.

Modern medicine, bacteriology, is founded on the idea of Mono-morphism. This currently accepted germ theory believes that once a germ is a particular germ it always stays that way.

According to this way of thinking a streptococcal germ is always a streptococcus. It only has one (mono-) form, it doesn't change into anything else.

Pleomorphism on the other hand maintains that "germs" occur in many forms beginning with the Protit, which can change into a virus, which can then change into a bacteria, which can also then change into a fungus.

Any of these forms, bacterial, viral or fungal can and do eventually, break all apart, and turn back into the Protits from whence they came. It starts all over again, life. The Protit never dies.  

It has been observed that when blood pH is 7.4 and above that pathogenic bacteria will not inhabit the body. The implications are astounding. If this is in fact true and seeing is believing then everything we think we know about disease must be rethought. Take a look here:

If that wasn't enough to swallow there is also a powerful new treatment option that has been brought to my attention.

Yellow Colloidal Silver is toxic to ingest but appears it can be beneficial if used correctly.

I cannot tell you that this is completely safe. You will have to do your own research.

People with radical diseases are often looking for unconventional radical solutions which I will blog about as I come across them. 

Apparently it can be used under the tongue and then spit out as well as introduced in other ways without ingesting.

The following is a quote from a gentleman named Normand Boivin who brought this substance to my attention shows how to make it in a video linked below. He states:

" Most of you have learned about colloidal silver, now all you need is a simple recipe to produce it for yourself !

I am here to help people to make their own anti virus and anti bacteria medication

This is my recipe to produce yellow ionic colloidal silver Ag+, silver atoms positively ionized can go deeply in the body for example in the nerves, antibiotic can't go there.

That's also better than silver oxide AgO2, this molecule is much bigger than ionic yellow colloidal silver Ag+.

Since 6 years i got the Lyme disease and i have no more symptoms, i can return to normal life !

Share this video at large so every one can make it in the kitchen.

Medical science discovered it half a century ago and it really look like an universal panacea killing viruses and bacteria. "

Stay tuned and I will make you aware of all of the cutting edge information I come across so that you can do your own research.