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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Questioning everything we have ever learned about LYME

The largest epidemic in the world is being downplayed. There are gatekeepers controlling the information we obtain regarding Lyme. Any truth being disseminated often contains a red herring.

I have witnessed an increased frequency of people behaving irrationally. A growing number of people that I know are acting so out of character that I barely recognize them anymore. A friend of a friend recently got his wife committed to a psychiatric facility. He fell victim to unfavorable options by involving the system in an attempt to protect her from herself.

I have learned that a borderline personality disorder is caused the infection of Borellia, similar in many ways to late stage syphilis.

Many more are becoming infected with this thing we are calling Lyme. Some remain unaware of what is happening to them. In most cases there is no evidence of a tick bite, no EM rash, so why is this pandemic spreading exponentially?

Some of you reading this know me from the Lyme forum under the handle 'Chicken Arise'. If you like any of what I have posted in this blog, I would like to encourage you to join this forum and follow me there, as I participate with greater frequency than I have been updating this blog. I have helped many with their health issues by sharing what I have learned. I know because they tell me so.

I recently posted a comprehensive mold thread I created which I link to below. There are many like me who were exposed to mold and then developed Lyme symptoms as mold sickness mimics Lyme Disease. Some recently found mold in their home after reading the following thread and checking the commonly contaminated areas in their home as mentioned.

Are your Lyme symptoms caused by mold? Explore this link below and see.'s Lyme forum has some of the most intelligent and resourceful members I have ever encountered. It has been a privilege to participate. Although Morgellons is a lesser covered topic it is ok discuss and ask questions here. Morgellon's relationship to Lyme is commonly understood by those who frequent the forum.

That said there are certain other things do not go over well when I share them there. Namely, things that go against the official story we have been given with regards to Lyme. It is not that I dont find like minded people who agree. Many have contacted me privately and indicated their shared suspicions of foul play as to how these diseases came about and continue to be treated and governed.

I am not afraid to talk about things that others would consider in the realm of conspiracy theory but as long as others remain reluctant the open dialogue will be hindered. I realize at times that this blog is one of the only places where I can openly share my thoughts.

Almost four years ago I began looking for answers to surmounting health problems and became frustrated with the lack of answers from doctors who signed me up for their never ending referral train. I quickly saw this happening and disboarded as I realized the lack of solutions.

I was exposed to a large amount of mold inhalation over a lengthy period of time in which I developed a majority of symptoms typical of Lyme with some symptoms which only matched the even stranger disease unofficially known as Morgellons. I had already been suffering from chronic pain for the last 30 years. 

I determined that if I was ever going to recover from any of it that I would have to devote all my time to researching these conditions. I've done little else in the last four years while attempting to gain a better understanding of what is happening to me and why.

I must warn you the puzzle comes in many pieces and although I feel I have attained some pieces of the solution, there is much that eludes me and the rabbit hole is deep. As I continue down this path the darker, murkier, and more convoluted it gets. 

I am skeptical of many things I read on the internet but remain open minded to all possibilities. I focus mainly on science and medical journals but there have been other sources of an anecdotal nature that have proven valuable to me.

I pride myself on my ability to read something and file it in the back of my mind without feeling the need to dismiss it nor commit to a belief. Then when more relative evidence with regards to a subject emerges, the information that I previously noted begins to bubble forth to the front of my thoughts for reconsideration.

I have learned to trust my instincts and have made substantial progress in my health by doing so.

Some conspiracies are about things that are totally out of our control and wouldnt make a major impact in our lives if be proven true. I am not closed minded to these topics but I dont focus my attention towards them but on that which would make an impact.
Remaining open to the possibilities has helped me develop critical thinking skills that have allowed me to question everything. I am going to share much of what I have been questioning in the coming blog posts. 

By now you have probably heard of the Plum Island conspiracy theory with regards to Lyme Disease. It may be true but since the government is never going to admit to the creation of a biological weapon that has and continues to disable so many people it is difficult to consider as being relevant.

However we can prove actions of fraud by the CDC by reviewing the evidence with regards to what has come to be known as the 'Dearborn Incident' ( ).

If you prefer a video summary pertaining to the fraud it can be found here:

Sadly there is still no justice to this day as a result of exposing this but what I learned is why people do not attain a permanent cure with antibiotics alone.

This knowledge may spare you the expense and misery of being duped by the medical industry's misguided, experimental, and possibly damaging form of treatment with multiple antibiotics. There has to be a better way.

The systems in place are so corrupted and controlled by the powers that be there is no room for our definition of justice. So what can we hope to learn and accomplish?

The more we become aware of the lies the greater our ability to defend against the onslaught of attacks from an agenda that profits off our misery and misdirection.

Knowledge still has power. I did not get to a state of remission by blindly trusting everything that I was told and by respecting authority.

Much of what we have been told promotes a smoke screen designed to lead us away from the real issues surrounding these diseases. The predatory system relies on repetition of assumptions and abuses of its authoritative position to promote its agenda. No matter what the ultimate goal of this agenda is I can assure you that your health and well being is not primary but quite the opposite.

Its a sad fact that war is more profitable than peace. 

A hundred years of cancer research and treatment continues to profit so extensively from the condition that I am sadly convinced the cure will forever remain just around the corner if you are not a member of the privileged club of the financial elite.

Enlightenment and critical though are the enemy of the mind control propaganda that is the epitome of the misery sold to the masses posing as health care.

There are hundreds of things that we have been lied to about and I have been collecting as many of them as I can find since 2009. I hope to discuss many of these with you in the future but for now let's take a closer look at the lies that are Lyme.

The first lie is strategically positioned as the one that is repeated the most. This is a primary tactic used in the dissemination of propaganda.

“Lyme is a tick-borne disease” and “Borellia is the bacteria that is responsible”.

“Borne” implies a point of origin as if ticks manufacture the disease agent. This is not logical it is far more likely they have become infected themselves as they feed on blood of mammals.

I have discerned that a common tactic of today's propaganda is to blame something that occurs in nature keeping your attention away from and outside of the scope of what has been created by mankind and the corporate culture that governs it today.

The tick can be a vector but only some of the time, as other insects have been confirmed and documented transmitters of Borellia but these are never to be discussed in the mainstream of information with regards to Lyme.

To be completely candid I now suspect other vectors outside the scope of biting insects including environmental contaminants not limited to mold. I was previously fooled by the lies and thus may have parroted some in previous postings. 

Furthermore there are unknown foreign objects that have been observed in the bloodstream of sick as well as healthy individuals that we know little about and are unlike anything we have ever seen before (see the research at

The clinical ramifications of these new organisms have yet to be determined but the threat is very real.
In order to understand what is being called Lyme and its origin it would be helpful to gain a general understanding of the achievements in the field of recomibinant DNA. We dont need an in depth understanding but enough of one to broaden the scope of what has become possible.

The more research I conduct the greater my understanding of what has been accomplished in this field. I can no longer discount the genetic modification actions of mankind and its influence on the ecology.

I have concluded that nature would never have committed these atrocities upon us in a million years of evolution. Some of today's organisms DNA signatures suggest that they are mathematically impossible to occur if left to nature.

There is a great deal of documentation that shows how the introduction of even a natural organism into a foreign ecosystem has resulted in disastrous consequences to its surrounding ecology.

Imagine the implications of releasing an unnatural lab altered organism into the wild and how it might interact with its environment and set off a chain reaction of horizontal gene transfers affecting nearly everything it comes into contact with.

It is my belief that this is the core and magnitude of the problem that we are dealing with. 

I just ask that you keep an open mind going forward and not be dismissive. In future posts I will attempt to share numerous findings and widespread instances of these practices to show how this theory becomes plausible and then let you decide for yourself.

Let us return our focus to the latter part of the industry propaganda we touched upon, that of bacteria.

Nature has an order to which it removes its trash and recycles materials. One of the primary players of the role of decomposition of organic material is fungi. Fungi competes with bacteria for food. To ensure its survival and ability to continue it produces antibiotics as well as spores. 

Bacteria will clean up what the fungus leaves behind but fungus often operates first in the hierarchy of the way organic material is recycled by microbes. Fungi often precludes bacteria and has a relationship with bacteria.

In Lyme the bacteria are receiving all of the attention and the role of fungi is being overlooked. I believe this is the case with many diseases today. The relationship of fungi and many cancers has been well established in medical literature.

It is my belief that addressing the fungi would reduce so many instances of cancer and place their very profitable cancer treatments at risk. American medicine also denies the existence of a growing parasite problem for much of the same reason.

All of these organisms have a relationship with one another but cures dont make for profits nearly as well as ongoing treatments do.

Borellia belongs to a class of pathogens known as spirochetes which are their own phylum, and are not bacteria. This doesnt stop the medical industry from referring to them as bacterium. They are also unrelated to any other organism. Borellia responds to attacks from antibiotics by shedding all of their outer surface proteins in a process called blebbing.

It has been observed that this process leaves 'seeds' in its wake which then regrow into new Borellia. The observation is outlined here

In reviewing the following literature I want you to pay close attention to Borellia's relationship with something called OspA (outer surface protein A), a Pam3Cys molecule and fungal type TLR2/1 agonist which deactivates many capabilities of the immune system's defenses by multiple methods including stopping its antibody production. If you can do this then you will begin to understand the action of this disease better than most doctors.

Understanding these lipoprotein endotoxins will be key to any industry cure. But in order to keep their crimes out of the spotlight the fungal aspects of this disease must not draw attention. Which means today's treatments are designed to do little more than keep us on the symptom treatment treadmill chasing a dangling carrot at the end of the stick while bankrupting us. In order to prevent this from jeopardize the insurance companies the lies continue to be perpetuated.

Without addressing the root cause of disease we may improve temporarily while on antibiotic treatments but we will never fully recover.

When antigens are of this fungal nature the immune system becomes systematically devastated one process at a time making us vulnerable to a variety of other pathogens that follow these fungi in nature, specifically mycoplasma and bacteria. This is why Borellia is always followed by other infections.

The link below will explain this fungal aspect of Lyme in great detail with a significant amount of documentation.

The layman's version is here:

Although it discusses the vaccine which was removed from the market as it had given Lyme disease to many it also details how Borellia systematically shuts down the immune system giving rise to other pathogens.

This infection first triggers a fungal response from the immune system and is primarily a fungal disease first. You cannot cure a fungal disease by the use of antibiotics alone but you could complicate it by causing fungus to grow unchecked by the bacteria that it competes with. Antibiotics will cause this to happen when you dont treat the accompanying fungal infection first or simultaneously.

I used antibiotics but I remained on an anti fungal drugs throughout the duration of my treatment with antihelmintics and then antibiotics. After taking so many pharmaceuticals for so long I am pleased to report I am drug free as of January of 2018. Although improved and in remission I know I am not free of disease. Its time to consider alternate therapy options.
If we are dealing with genetically modified organisms that are not what they appear the medications are going to be less apt to work. I plan to detail why I suspect that we are in forthcoming writings. 

We are going to have to explore methods that attack a wide spectrum of pathogens such as ozone and chlorine dioxide.

I recently received a medical ozone generator that I ordered. I plan to begin treatments at home to recover the remainder of the way. Unfortunately I purchased the wrong type of regulator for my oxygen tank. As soon as I get the correct equipment I will begin ozone treatment on a regular basis at home and report on its effects.

Many have reported success and even cure using only ozone treatments alone. It can be expensive to have this done in a clinic as it takes repeated treatments but is easy to learn and do at home.

I will begin with rectal insulflation which has proven effective treatment for a wide variety of pathogens over a large area of the body. The corrupted FDA will not allow these natural treatments to be studied in a clinical environment.

I have included a link below to a worthy blog of a person who discusses things to consider in preparing for home ozone treatments as well as some nuances you will want to pay attention to should you decide to join me in taking this route towards healing. I have high hopes for full recovery by incorporating ozone.

Advances in biological science in the last three decades have been severely downplayed. From what I've gleaned in my research it occurs to me that what once was considered science fiction has today become science fact. I hope to share examples of this with you in the future as well.

I hope you will continue to accompany me in this journey of discovery, healing, and enlightenment.
Please share my postings with friends and family far and wide and lets find the solutions together!

I would love to participate in your podcast or appear on your show. I am available for guest appearances should you wish to discuss much of the knowledge I have acquired in detail. For inquiries and more information please contact, Clint Richardson, at

Friday, November 3, 2017

Attention KRATOM and opiate USERS - A BIO HACK to reduce your tolerance

Agmatine Sulfate supplement can reduce your tolerance to opiate and opiate like pain medicine (Kratom).

I recently found Kratom was not working effectively as my tolerance required doses to increase over time from 8g to 15g per dose. When my third and or fourth dose of Kratom at 15g was not working anymore, I switched to Oxycontin and Ibuprofren for 7 days. On the 8th day it was time to switch back to Kratom.

I started the day with Agmatine Sulfate 1760mg on an empty stomach in the morning. Ceasing all Oxycontin intake I resumed Kratom therapy at just 8g per dose one half hour later. I has been 2 days and the Kratom is working again at this lowered dose. I take at least one additional 890mg dose of Agmatine later that day, on the second day (and every second day) this becomes two doses for an additional 1760mg.

I am pleasantly surprised. More related information and references below for those interested:

Effects of Agmatine on tolerance to and substance dependence on morphine in mice.


Agmatine reverses pain induced by inflammation, neuropathy, and spinal cord injury


How to take Agmatine

Agmatine is a metabolite of L-Arginine, but acts very differently. Do not take with L-Arganine.

Also dont take Agmatine with Yohimbe since Yohimbe deactivates the a2 adreneric receptors, whereas Agmatine activates/binds to that same receptor.

It shows promise for alleviating neuropathic pain and drug addiction but without opiate use has been known to increase perceived pain. Agmatine supplementation can also protect from strokes and benefit cognitive health.


Monday, July 3, 2017

Pleomorphism and Yellow Colloidal Silver a Radical Solution

A wealth of information has been coming in as of late and I believe it is a direct result of me challenging the universe and asking the question "Why have I received the knowledge that I have acquired so late? Can I please have the knowledge disseminated to me in an accelerated fashion."

This prayer was answered and information continues to pour in. This information is challenging all of my existing paradigms that I have come to learn, but only because I remain open to the possibilities.

Much of the knowledge that we have acquired has been manipulated to be upside down and backwards. The internet allows us a glimpse into knowledge and truths that we may not have otherwise been exposed to. Before this information we had to blindly trust people in positions of authority. Doctors included.

Now the potential exists that we might actually break the chains that have been placed on us and rethink the existing paradigms.

This has led many to question even the shape of the earth and although we wont address this here, it goes to show we are living in fascinating times that would have us questioning everything we have ever learned.    

Although I am still of the globe earth model I admit I do not know, but I am more interested in information that I can use and apply to my life. I now realize I must approach everything with the untainted curiosity of a child and assume nothing.

I can no longer take anything for granted.

I recently came across a theory in orthobiology that is at least 60 years old, but has been experiencing  a modern resurgence. So much so that a microscope retailer has begun selling microscopes which incorporate an ultraviolet light. This allow for otherwise unseen particles to be seen.

When using this equipment you can witness amazing transformations that pull the rug out from under conventional and accepted theories of modern medicine.

Modern medicine, bacteriology, is founded on the idea of Mono-morphism. This currently accepted germ theory believes that once a germ is a particular germ it always stays that way.

According to this way of thinking a streptococcal germ is always a streptococcus. It only has one (mono-) form, it doesn't change into anything else.

Pleomorphism on the other hand maintains that "germs" occur in many forms beginning with the Protit, which can change into a virus, which can then change into a bacteria, which can also then change into a fungus.

Any of these forms, bacterial, viral or fungal can and do eventually, break all apart, and turn back into the Protits from whence they came. It starts all over again, life. The Protit never dies.  

It has been observed that when blood pH is 7.4 and above that pathogenic bacteria will not inhabit the body. The implications are astounding. If this is in fact true and seeing is believing then everything we think we know about disease must be rethought. Take a look here:

If that wasn't enough to swallow there is also a powerful new treatment option that has been brought to my attention.

Yellow Colloidal Silver is toxic to ingest but appears it can be beneficial if used correctly.

I cannot tell you that this is completely safe. You will have to do your own research.

People with radical diseases are often looking for unconventional radical solutions which I will blog about as I come across them. 

Apparently it can be used under the tongue and then spit out as well as introduced in other ways without ingesting.

The following is a quote from a gentleman named Normand Boivin who brought this substance to my attention shows how to make it in a video linked below. He states:

" Most of you have learned about colloidal silver, now all you need is a simple recipe to produce it for yourself !

I am here to help people to make their own anti virus and anti bacteria medication

This is my recipe to produce yellow ionic colloidal silver Ag+, silver atoms positively ionized can go deeply in the body for example in the nerves, antibiotic can't go there.

That's also better than silver oxide AgO2, this molecule is much bigger than ionic yellow colloidal silver Ag+.

Since 6 years i got the Lyme disease and i have no more symptoms, i can return to normal life !

Share this video at large so every one can make it in the kitchen.

Medical science discovered it half a century ago and it really look like an universal panacea killing viruses and bacteria. "

Stay tuned and I will make you aware of all of the cutting edge information I come across so that you can do your own research.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


 I woke yesterday with what I call a yeast headache which is commonly located right above the right eye in the center of the brow. In my continuous research the timing of finding the following study couldn't have been more appropriate.

 I decided to add Aspirin to follow my 400mg dose of Fluconazole. Since it has upset my stomach in the past, I started with half a 325mg dose.

 Some improvement led me to adding in the other half and this worked so well that I have added it to my protocol. These headaches often lasted for up to 3 days.

 What appears beneath the link below are excerpts from the same article which discusses Aspirin, NSAIDS, and their antifungal, antibiofilm activity in detail.

Aspirin, one of the oldest and most widely used anti-inflammatory drugs, also dramatically decreases biofilm formation by C. albicans. Moreover, some aspirin concentrations (50 to 200 μM) producing significant levels of antibiofilm activity in vitro fall within the range of those frequently achieved by therapeutic doses of aspirin in humans

Aspirin, whose antifungal properties have been reported previously (9), drastically reduced the viability of planktonic cells

For example, addition of aspirin to relatively mature, 24-h biofilms reduced their metabolic activity at 48 h by over 80%

In a further series of experiments, mature, 48-h biofilms grown in the absence of aspirin were transferred to fresh growth medium containing different concentrations of the drug and incubated for further periods of 5 to 48 h. All of the aspirin concentrations tested (75 μM to 1 mM) significantly inhibited biofilm activity after 16 h (Table ​(Table3).3). After 48 h of additional incubation, biofilm activity was reduced by 20 to 80%. Moreover, physiological concentrations of the drug (75 to 200 μM) reduced biofilm activity by 20 to 80%, suggesting that aspirin could have a significant inhibitory effect on mature biofilms in vivo.

Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) has a short half-life in circulating blood (about 20 min) and is rapidly deacetylated to form salicylic acid in vivo (34). Sodium salicylate and related compounds such as aspirin are known to have a variety of effects on microorganisms. Growth of certain bacteria in the presence of salicylate can induce multiple resistance to antibiotics. Paradoxically, it can also reduce resistance to some antibiotics

The activities of antifungal agents can also be affected by salicylate. A combination of fluconazole with either sodium salicylate or ibuprofen results in synergistic activity against C. albicans

Some strains of S. epidermidis secrete mucoid extracellular polymers (polysaccharides, proteins, and teichoic acid) that promote biofilm formation and become important components of the biofilm matrix. Salicylate can inhibit the production of some of these components by as much as 95%

Aspirin and etodolac also significantly reduced the viability of biofilm cells. Indeed, aspirin appears to show an even greater effect on viability than on biofilm formation; presumably, aspirin-treated biofilm cells are largely incapable of cell division but still retain some metabolic activity

Aspirin reduced biofilm formation substantially, as determined by quantitative measurements, but in areas of the catheter disks where biofilms could be observed, large numbers of yeasts and hyphae were present, just as in untreated controls. However, examination of the cells at higher magnification revealed that aspirin-treated fungi had very wrinkled surfaces

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Submitting Specimens to CDC for Diagnostic Assistance

DPDx is a Web site developed and maintained by CDC's Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria (DPDM) that uses the Internet to assist laboratorians and pathologists in the diagnosis of parasitic diseases, both in the United States and abroad.


PLEASE NOTE: Effective immediately, the DPDx Team will require a CDC 50.34 submission form to be filled out and submitted with images for diagnostic assistance in order to generate a formal, written laboratory report.  This form must be submitted in a secure method to protect patient information. 

The CDC has a Sharefile system that should be used to submit the form and images.  Please email the DPDx Team to request a one-time link to the Sharefile server to submit a case for diagnostic assistance. 

The Team will include a CDC CSID number for the case in the subject line when they email the link and that number will be used for any subsequent correspondence (when necessary). The following steps describe the submission process:
  • Send an email requesting diagnostic assistance to  DO NOT include patient identifiers or images in the email requesting diagnostic assistance.
  • The DPDx team will respond by email with a CDC Sharefile link, open this link in your browser.
  • Upload your case images and CDC 50.34 submission form.  Other supporting documents and communications such as questions, etc. can also be uploaded as word or text files.
  • The DPDx team will receive notification once the files are uploaded and will respond via email with a preliminary diagnosis using the CDC CSID number assigned. 
  • An official, final diagnosis will be generated only if the CDC 50.34 is submitted.
If the electronic communication system of your institution is incompatible with using the web-based CDC Sharefile, the form should be printed and faxed to (country code +1) 404-718-4195, attn: DPDx Team, or submitted using your institution’s own web-based secure file sharing system, unless the CDC IT Security Team detects that it does not meet HHS requirements for patient data transfer. The images may be submitted by email; however the file name of the images should not include patient identifiers.

To access the most recent form (CDC 50.34), please click here.
This assistance is free of charge (except for U.S. Federal agencies and the U.S. military). If you have an urgent case, please do not delay case management and treatment.

 Please do not include patient identifiers (P.I.) in email inquiries.
Please send your diagnostic request to

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Oral Spirochete Bacteria must be dealt with

The following statements are collections from around the internet in dealing with Oral Spirochete bacteria and novel ways of dealing with implant infection. It is believed by some that this is the origin point of Lyme Disease as well as source of relapse.

The author believes this is at minimum a source of Lyme disease relapse potential and must be dealt with. I am open to suggestion on additional methods verified or not in the comments, so please follow, comment. and subscribe. 

None of these statements have been verified and do not necessarily reflect my opinion. Not intended to treat or cure any disease. Some statements offer differing opinion and may conflict. Some deletions and elaborations in parenthesis have been made where the author disagrees with the opinion expressed (albeit of minor importance to the message).

So why put this information here? The importance of attention and research into this area is paramount.

Also implants and root canals cause artificial areas which are not directly connected to the blood supply, therefore antibiotics and other ingested treatments cannot reach into these gaps.

An alternate possible way to treat infected implants is by using a current as outlined here:  

Video description:

"A diseased mouth infected with spirochetes. 90% of our patients are infected with these creatures which are able to do remarkable things.

Lyme disease and syphilis both very debilitating illnesses are cause by a spirochete.

Why had dentistry chosen to think of the sulcus as a unique habitat somehow divorced from the body?

These spirochetes are microscopically indistinguishable from syphilis or Lyme disease spirochetes. Oral spirochetes have been found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

We believe that oral spirochetes are the primary injurious agent in two other chronic diseases that plague man, heart disease and diabetes.

These things breed by the trillions in the gingival sulcus and invade into the body by millions moving via the de-epitheliazed gingival sulcus into the blood stream then into cells found along the blood stream. Primarily the endothelial cells lining blood vessels, and the Islets of langerhans cells in the pancreas.

We have not seen anyone with heart disease or diabetes who are not infected with oral spirochetes. Recent papers have proven the Alzheimer's plaques are created by these spirochetes which breed in the crevice between the tooth and the gum and under plaque bacteria.

The use of tooth cleaning agents will not remove these spirochetes. The only effective methods we have found is Dakins solution. Vigorous rinses for at least two minutes with Dakins or Dakins in a WaterPic®.

The use of the Dakins which is a 20:1 dilution of Clorox bleach is by far the most effective technique for killing spirochetes in between the teeth as well as the more accessible areas.

Brushing and flossing is not enough. Spirochetes form spores which require daily disinfection of the crevice between the tooth and gum.

One thing which will dissolve plaque(the vegetative bacteria which cause tooth decay) off a tooth surface without friction is Clorox diluted in water at a 20:1 water/Clorox ratio.

This material is cheap effective and absolutely works but no one can sell it to you for a high price, so not one cent of marketing money will be spent to educate the public!

This is tragic in the extreme. We have research grade microscopes to show the spirochetes.

The only effective techniques involve using bactericidal materials such as Clorox and high concentrations of baking soda... Other things such as hydrogen peroxide, povidone iodine, chlorhexidiene, and table salt have drawbacks in daily use.

 Tooth pastes are valuable in stopping and treating tooth decay (I recommend glycerin free toothpaste with no Fluoride such as Earthpaste as well as frequent Xylitol use), but flossing and brushing with tooth paste or oral rinses with items such as OTC mouth washes, will not guarantee a kill, and in comparison to Clorox are very expensive over a lifetime.

Patients wonder if Clorox is toxic. While it tastes terrible, it is harmless when diluted to 0.3 percent, that is a 20:1 dilution of 6% Clorox. Clorox turns into
table salt in the stomach if swallowed (unverified statement). 

There will be some initial stinging of the skin in the mouth when first used! That goes away when the skin heals after a few uses. Use at night before going to bed and do not rinse the mouth after.

If irritation develops move to mornings. Use at night when saliva flow shuts down will keep the material killing for a longer time when not rinsed out..

Finally, we have tried them all and brushing with copious amounts of baking soda forcing it into the gums and in between the teeth one time daily and then using a WaterPic® with the dilute Clorox solution will give the best results.

What are those results? Absolutely no leakage of the seal where the tooth come out of the skin. The Gum is a specialized tissue designed to seal the skeleton where it come out thru the skin.

The teeth are the only part of the skeleton which is out side the skin... So it cannot heal itself.

Never eating sugar or carbohydrates between meals will assure no tooth decay in those with normal saliva."

Second Video description: - "Spirochete Killer William D Nordquist searches to find a compound to kill oral spirochetes in the plaque in the gingival sulcus (the pocket round teeth) colloidal silver, Betadine (iodine), and discovers 25% bleach solutions were used unsuccessfully.

A surprisingly simple food with a combination of eight natural herbs turned
out to be a potent spirochete killer (unfortunately not detailed in the video.)

The purpose of the search was to find a substance that would kill the spirochetes in gingivitis and periodontitis before a dental cleaning.

This would prevent dangerous bacteremias caused by dentists cleaning. Research has shown that bacteremias cause damage to the blood vessel lining that takes time to return to normal."

A person in another related video mentions: "Good video, I will make a link to this. I advise to take borega-complex it is helping in just 4-6 weeks a whole cure is 12 weeks. In all cases 100% result, not only by own experiences but also shown by the LTT."

Periodontal Disease and its Relationship to Systemic Disease   - view it here (2hours in detail) for those who wish to gain a greater understanding of the problem:
 Video description:

          " Periodontal Disease and its Relationship to Systemic Disease has recently come to be one of the most important topics in medicine. This video was made for physicians and detists who treat chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases. "

My notes taken:

Samples collected from molar

Spores survive antibiotics, cysts 1 micron

These spirochetes are anaerobes

Vita D may further suppress immune system upon body's conversion. I am experimenting with sunlight.

Oral spirochetes cause bone loss, cause implants to fail, potential to migrate
Chemical irrigation water pick hipocleanse or bleach see Dakins solution.

Debridement and CO2 laser for high populations vaporizes and cauterizes gingival sulcus (GS).

Tip of laser guide will clog and needs to be cleared by an experienced dentist.

Periodontal disease populates epithelial cells (loaded with spirochete) in GS.

Bleeding points and probing cause bacteremias so antibiotics are used. Flagyl and Amoxicillin started 2 weeks before treatment. (I believe Tinidazole is superior to Flagyl).

Brushing and flossing not enough.

How to make Dakins solution. see

Some other possible methods for controlling bacteria in the mouth may be through oil pulling as outlined below. We do not know how oral spirochetes react to said methods.

If you can oil pull with ozonated coconut oil this would be a superior substitution to the method in the link below. Wheat grass has also been used effectively by those who cannot stand the taste of coconut oil. I have used Xylitol to fend off an impending dental infection.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Studies on Fungal ParMicrosporidiosisasites Worth Noting (Dynamic Page)

 As we go forth in this brave new world of ours, we are discovering new infective agents responsible for emerging disease as in the case of Funnelilformis Mosseae a fungus that until April of 2017 had only been recorded as affecting plant species.

 Last month in PubMed, a leading resource for clinical trials, we discover that todays Funinilformis has the ability to infect humans.

 I did a short video on this which links to the study in the description

 It is important going forward that we pay attention to treatments with regards to fungal infections and other species of parasites as there are few promising drugs in the pipeline and there will be more emerging disease if the theories on genetically modified organisms being the causative agent are correct.

 I hope to make this a dynamic page that will continuously update as I locate any studies of importance. You may wish to bookmark or RSS this page now as this will perpetually grow as I locate studies with focus on all species of parasites.

 I fear we will have to devise our own treatments ahead of the pace in which big pharma provides the doctors with their continuing education. These studies may be key in helping you to finding what works when nothing else does.

 I think we need to pay special attention to the additional fungal infections that patients with HIV are susceptible to as these reflect what a weakened immune system is capable of contracting, so don't discount them solely because you don't have HIV.

 Remember Funnelilformis now affecting humans suggests that the former laws and paradigms may no longer apply.


 Effect of myrrh and thyme on Trichinella spiralis enteral and parenteral phases with inducible nitric oxide expression in mice

Analysis of the Beta-Tubulin Gene and morphological changes of the Microsporidium Anncaliia algerae both Suggest Albendazole Sensitivity 

Electron microscopic changes in Enterocytozoon bieneusi following treatment with albendazole. (HIV)

Microsporidia infection of the cornea--a unique and challenging disease.

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