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Friday, May 23, 2014


As Louis C.K. put it "Success is surviving your failures".

Success is finding your passion in life early as possible and pursuing it so that no work feels like labor to you.

Success is reaching a state of unconditional love for your creator, yourself, and your mate.

Success is daily gratitude for the things and people you have in your life that mean the most to you.

Success is knowing that you have acted righteously to the best of your ability and accepting the forgiveness of our creator for where you fell short, so that you do not continue to beat yourself up over it and may pay it forward.

Success is self awareness, positive internal mind speak, and catching and correcting your negative mind speak before it can take control of you so that you may feel good about yourself.

Success is raising your children to not be reactive but to be self aware by setting the example.

Success is acquiring the knowledge to remove yourself from the matrix as much as you can so that you have avoided or rescinded all contracts with those that wish to control you.

Success is reduction of ego that you are no longer in the constant state of want.

Success is creating a destination so you can determine where you are on your journey and measure your progress without judging yourself.

Success is not being concerned about what your friends think about you.

Success is forgiving your enemies so that you can have peace of mind, the realization that the energy you waste thinking negative thoughts about those who have transgressed against you is only harming yourself as the person(s) who wronged you does not spend any energy thinking about how they wronged you.

Success is the recognition and forgoing of your vices, so that you will have the resources to act when your preparation meets opportunity and not being fearful of failure nor success.

Success is enjoying the journey, accepting a setback as a challenge, having the faith to realize that it may be a blessing in disguise, and knowing that you need not worry for worry accomplishes nothing.

Success is knowing that you cannot achieve everything you wish in the time frame that you wish and being at peace with this fact.

Success is having the courage to say no to people so as not to hurt yourself nor the ones you love.

Success is not being afraid to die tomorrow for you are living life to the fullest to accomplish your passion in the present moment.

Success is accepting where you are at on your journey, making time to do what you love with passion, knowing you will experience failure, learning from your mistakes, getting back up off of the floor, and never giving up.