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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fugitive and former president, Ricardo Martinelli, as the Panama Papers come to light.


Panama's ex-president Martinelli arrested in Florida

First a little background for those not familiar with the story and then I will get into what is not being talked about on the mainstream media outlets.
The Panama Papers consist of 11.5 million files leaked from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. At 2.5 terabytes of information, it’s one of the biggest leaks of information ever.
Confirmed authentic by law firm’s cofounder Ramon Fonseca in an interview with the BBC, these files were first leaked to German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, over one year ago. Since then, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) have been analyzing the files, sorting hundreds of thousands of shell companies that the firm services.
Prominent names mentioned include:
Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is linked to $2 billion in suspicious dealings,
Iceland Prime Minister, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, Famous soccer player, Lionel Messi, and the law firm of Juan Pedro Damiani, member of FIFA’s Independent Ethics Committee.

What’s odd is that U.S. Nationals scarcely found within include musician, Tina Turner.

Mossack Fonseca has denied doing anything illegal. They are the world’s fourth biggest firm for offshore services, the means by which the wealthy incorporate shell companies in tax havens. They use these shell companies, and offshore accounts to gain anonymity.
Holding offshore accounts is not illegal, though the leak has uncovered many offshore companies engaged in dubious practices. Mossack Fonseca’s clients are involved in “bribery, arms deals, tax evasions, financial fraud, and drug trafficking,” according to ICIJ

In Dec 2015 Panama's top court ordered the detention of former pres. Ricardo Martinelli. M ruled as Pres from 2009 - 2014 when Varela his Vice President at the time won the subsequent election and took office.

Martinelli is accused of several allegations mostly involving corruption as well as using government funds to illegally spy on 150 people.

It was stated by his lawyers that he is in Miami where he has a luxury apartment in the Brickell Avenue area. He is fighting extradition and has applied for Political asylum in the U.S., but has dual citizenship in Panama and Italy.

The Panama Supreme Court has declared him in contempt for not appearing in court the morning of December 11, 2015 where his team of lawyers appeared instead.

Supreme Court magistrate Harry Díaz, the acting prosecutor, said that he would petition a nine-member court plenum to obtain an arrest warrant which if issued would then lead to a request to INTERPOL for him to be placed on an international red notice list requesting Martinelli’s arrest and extradition. It is believed it would then be up to Barack Obama to decide whether to honor the warrant.

Two former chiefs of the National Assistance Program, an agency that handled $1.2 billion in funds during Martinelli’s administration, are in jail, and they’ve said they siphoned off money under instruction from Martinelli’s personal secretary. Tactics included phony invoicing, rigged bids, purchases from sham corporations and routine kickbacks of 10 percent or higher, testified one former director, Rafael Guardia.
Guardia served as the program’s chief for 22 months. He admits amassing $18 million across 11 bank accounts, and a yacht, He turned state’s evidence January 23, 2016.
According to Mc February 2, 2015 report:

Martinelli's flight from Panama a Hawker plane (Serial N799RM), left Panama's Gelabert airport on Wednesday January 28 arriving the same day. Martinelli was known to be aboard.

The aircraft then left Guatemala for Opa-locka, Florida, on Thursday Jan 29th, arriving in the evening.

At 12:50 p.m. on Friday January 30 the aircraft departed for Gander, the Canadian airport in Newfoundland.

Departing Gander at 8:06 p.m. same day bound for Shannon, Ireland, arriving at 3:20 a.m.
Saturday morning the 31st. It left later this day for an airport in Modena, Italy.

Martinelli, continues to claim innocence on all accusations and that this is a political attack.

He has been vocal and active on Twitter denying any involvement with Mossac Fonseca and maintaining his innocence on all accusations. He has 530,000 followers.
The accusations on Martinelli are piling up as details emerge about bids that went to companies offering the highest prices, shoddy goods purchased for schools, expired foodstuffs for the poor. Public support for Martinelli has near disappeared leaving his party, Democratic Change, in disarray.
Of his former Ministers, not one has come out to defend him
Could Former President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, now a fugitive, be the person behind the leak?
The 150 people he allegedly wire-tapped would have provided him ample warning that he had enemies near to him for quite some time.
Yet, isn't it odd that Western Mainstream Media ignores the fact that high profile former Panama President, Ricardo Martinelli, is a fugitive from Justice from the Supreme Court of Panama who apparently is not even hiding as his lawyers divulged he is at his luxury apartment in Miami?
Isn't it also uncharacteristic that he has not been taken into custody?
Would any other fugitive receive this special silence from the media at a time like this?
Might there be more information that could be forthcoming in exchange for the US granting him Political Asylum?
These questions must be asked and mainstream media’s intention, integrity, and agenda must be questioned when they are keeping quiet about a prominent figure in the international political scene who is also a fugitive from justice.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

For the sake of saving humanity, what can we replace the current monetary system with ?

Houston we have a problem! The worlds currency system has been converted from a creditor system to on of debt. This will lead to all nations losing resources and sovereign wealth will be devoured into corporations (namely central banks).

If we could make the corporate 'person' a lessor entity to the human 'person' legally then maybe we could protect the true people and the current system of currency might function as to not harm humanity, but unless this unlikely change were to come to fruition, I see a bleak future unfolding.

All nations will be driven to massive debt by agents of banks who run as politicians who profess to represent the people but then overspend the nation into debt that it cannot possibly repay. It has been suggested that due to usury that there isn't enough money in existence to pay off the debt.
Unfortunately controlled bubble economies have been implemented by design in order to transfer and consolidate wealth which leads to a poor class of debt slaves to the central banks who have amassed a unimaginable collection of hard assets as they know the currencies days are numbered.  

In the case of the US the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) ultimately led to a debtor system replacing the former credit system where our paper notes ceased to be exchangeable for physical gold.

The way the system was implemented it gave the US an unlimited credit card via an agreement with Saudi Arabia to only sell its oil in US Dollars (FRNs) creating an artificial demand for dollars worldwide creating what is often referred to today as the "Petro Dollar".

This gave a huge advantage to the United States, which other countries went along with because they now too could print currency at will and buy nice things but the other countries did not have the huge advantage of inflated demand and would soon over print and inflate their currency into worthlessness whereas the US Dollar (FRN) would get recycled at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.

To further this advantage the US has coerced other nations into using their system of currency (FRN) in other nations such as Panama, El Salvador, and I believe Ecuador.

Also knowing that the other currencies did not have this advantage and would go bust it creates additional demand as people would rather hoard US Dollars (FRNs) as opposed to their own nation's currency.

Apparently the Keynesian system believes that due to this international hoarding that our national debt no longer matters because these hoarded dollars will not return home so it has the same effect of a debt that never has to be repaid.

Also under this system the larger the debt the larger the larger the money supply. The problem I foresee with the system in addition to the war and inflation that it promotes is that the US is currently not paying down the principle, but only the interest on the loaned currency which is all created and controlled by private central banks who are waiting for the day where the US cannot make this payment. It is a mathematical certainty that this system is not sustainable and a collapse will occur sometime in our near future with currencies of all nations collapsing inward towards the US Dollar (FRN).

Just as in Greece austerity will be implemented but on an unimaginable scale due to the size of the debt. This will result in the removal of many goods, services, and publicly owned land and property as it all becomes privatized.

I believe many nations are wise to the US Dollar (FRN) ponzi scheme at this point and are positioning themselves to move away from this system and towards one where any trade imbalances will be offset by gold. The Western Nations have sold much of their gold reserves to the Eastern Nations who have already begun to implement this system to end the US Dollar (FRN) dominance. I also believe that much of it has been stolen and the US misrepresents its reserves.

There have been 'crypto currencies' created in order to decentralize currency away from the central banks but these exist only in electronic form with some minor and novel exceptions. The most recognized and successful has been Bitcoin which 'fractionalizes' inversely to the way the current world currencies continue to expand in supply. This limited amount of Bitcoin will insure the value continues to go upward but there are potential problems that exist with this model.

Some of these problems are it requires computers which not everyone in the lessor developed nations have (yet many have smart phones), it does not exist in physical form, large controlling and powerful banks who wish to preserve the current system can force nations to make using it for trade illegal, and I believe it has already been co-opted by intelligence agencies.

I as well as many others envision humanity on a path to destruction and our current monetary system is at the root of this problem. There are many that claim the return to a gold backed paper currency system would create honest money, yet in the Western Nations very few people have much gold as well as the nations themselves have demonetized the precious metals.

It is my opinion that the current world currency system is headed for eventual collapse as these national debts were never designed to be paid off but only to further enslave humanity.
Those who instill the Hegelian dialectic that we have come to now know as intentional problems, predictable reactions, and malevolent solutions are planning to let the reaction phase run longer than they have in the past in order to cause depopulation on a massive scale worldwide before ever implementing their solution.

When the solution is implemented he who has the gold makes the rules and the organization who has amassed the most is the one who has been collecting a 10% tithing since about 350 AD (1600 plus years). During most of those years the currency used was actually physical gold rather than debt based paper. We can already see that this organization is massively wealthy but when the system revalues and re-monetizes gold the consolidation of wealth, power, and people will bring in a fascist tyrannical system where chipped or not it will be difficult to obtain a fair wage.

We can avert this if we could all come to share and love one another as communism works when we all love each other, but this would lead to some taking advantage as we appear to be corruptible and get angered if we feel we are doing more work than others and they receive the same benefit as us.

The big question remains what monetary or currency alternatives could we possibly implement to prevent the inevitable and take the power back from this oligarchical system parading itself as a representative democracy?

What would people readily accept as money and how do we keep it decentralized so that it works in favor of the people as opposed to those who have hoarded? What could possibly trade along side it so as not to disrupt the current system and draw the attention from the powers that be who would attempt to quash it? How can we think outside of the box in order to save humanity? Who will sincerely help to implement and promote this system? The fate of humanity depends upon a feasible answer.