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Saturday, May 13, 2017

MOLD, LYME, MORGELLONS - What you should be doing NOW

There are a lot of things you should be doing as I can attest these diseases are all closely related.

The only difference is how many coinfections do you have with your illness. If you are at the stage of visible parasites or relapsing bacterial infections you will need anthelmintic medication.

See my Ivermectin video at ClintFromNYtoVA channel on 

More videos are on the way as well as blog posts.

We are going to talk about why I use certain items and don't use other items mentioned on the internet. Half of the stuff on the internet is wrong.

We are going to break them all down one by one in the future so follow this blog. Follow my work and you will find the answers.

You can start a few things right away, and eliminate others.

No sugar, no bread, limit dairy to unsweetened yogurt, no processed foods or quick carbs.

Nascent Iodine is very useful but NOT with thyroid meds. 1mg per day, incrementing slowly to a max of 20mg. Go slow. Take it on an empty stomach and then eat a fatty meal (I eat avocado) 30 minutes later.

SSKI is a potential huge mistake waiting to happen.

Make sure you are on a multivitamin, multi-mineral supplement, but know this is not enough.

800mg loading dose Fluconazole (FLZ) then 400 mg daily. I take it with Doxycycline (Doxy) 200mg twice daily and Biaxin 500 mg twice daily. I take my Doxy on an empty stomach so 90% is absorbed. I am also rotating anthelmintics and DEC.

Nystatin is useful.

I get my meds from several Indian Pharmacies. If you contact me I can tell you where to get from the source that I do for less if you do not have insurance or a willing doctor.

Biofilms are tricky, If you are not attacking the bacteria, you should NOT be using enzymes to battle biofilms. If you are on antibiotics why aren't you on Enzymes? Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Bromelain on empty stomach on wake.

If you use antibiotics and you aren't on 3 different types, ask why, and prepare to find a new doctor. You must add probiotics to your diet daily with food.

Magnesium is essential if your are inflamed. A pinch of Epsom Salt in each liter of water helps inflammation. Less is more. FIND your tolerance.

5000mg Flax seed oil daily if you are inflamed. 4000mg Modified Citrus Pectin daily for at least 2 months.

Increase zinc substantially but slowly if you find yourself urinating frequently all of the time. Increase copper but take it 12 hours after zinc. Selenium, D3, K2 every other day. Minimize calcium and dairy.

4000mg Monolaurin. Eat everything coconut and coconut oil is good for skin also but messy.

The 'bugs' eat your manganese and deplete your zinc and copper. If you starve yourself of minerals you get sicker and thing begin to fail in your system. Plus they move on to their second favorite mineral anyways and so on.

Boost your minerals and gut flora with resistant starches and powdered vegetables. Look it up or wait for my segment on it. 

Half the stuff on the internet is wrong and it all depends on your co-infections.

If you cant afford the Fluconazole get Xylitol which I call the poor man's Fluconazole. BUILD your tolerance.

If anything makes you herx, back it off, if anything gives you diarrhea reduce it the amount but don't stop these things.

You didn't get sick in one day. This has been happening for some time, you just didn't know what was happening until it got out of hand. ,

I know you are angry but your health cannot afford to be as stress and worry only make it worse. Stay tuned. Stay Calm.

I am available for Skype conference if you are willing to donate bitcoin for my medicine.

I am not a doctor but I've studied this for years. I spend more time reading medical journals than you do watching television and continue to study this illness. I am treating myself without a doctor and finally winning!!!!

My resources are plenty and I share everything for free except my time over an extended period, but I will Skype with you free initially as I need to ask you questions and you need to answer honestly.  

During our call, I can tell you where I got my meds even cheaper than the sources I have disclosed for free.

I need to know every symptom IN DETAIL you have ever had. The strangest ones tell me the most. Start keeping a health and symptoms diary if you haven't already.

If you are able and wish to DONATE TO CLINT go here: 

BitCoin to :      14NL2MxaNeLsNBVpooDr96sH4U8xvebKZa

Skype: Submit a contact request message to ClintFromNYtoVA as well your email and best time to call. Calls after the initial free Q&A session are $50 suggested donation for 30 minute session for a LIMITED TIME and this offer can expire without notice. 

Send all symptoms best you can in chronological order in an email to 

Symptoms that come and go can tell a lot so don't forget these. 

So do you think you should be spending your money on clueless doctors inexperienced at treating this? They wont prescribe what you need, in fact if you get prescribed a steroid it will make things worse.

Their costly testing is inaccurate when you can even request it and insurance often wont pay.    

As far as the expensive naturopaths that know little of this condition, they often limited you to naturals and do not use allopathic medicine.

Natural and allopathic combined gives the best results. When I reach a level of clients that I can still give my full attention to, I will be closing this off to new people and begin a waitlist.    

 I cant guarantee you will be healed completely but I can point you in the correct natural and proper allopathic direction to reduce the number of infections, and detox. I can only guarantee that you will improve if you comply.  
 Anyone who guarantees an instant cure, doesn't understand the first things about these conditions. Everyone is different with some differences in infections. It takes the ability to identify the infection in a clinical setting, and will require persistence and take time. 
 I direct you to the online pharmacies that are safe to get the meds the doctor wont prescribe for you in ever because they actually work and they do not want people using anything but antibiotics and steroids.

 You need to attempt to boost the immune system while using appropriate options. Especially if you go the antibiotic route but try to approach things by boosting the immune system before you go the antibiotic route.   

The longer you wait the more infections you will get. Learn how to break the chain and get well.

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