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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mold, Lyme, Morgellons - START HERE (revised 26mar17)

 Hello and welcome to this blog which will begin to take a more definitive and focused approach towards the resources available for healing Mold Sickness, Lyme, and the condition that has become known as Morgellons.

It has been and continues to be an amazing journey and I have had success at keeping myself from developing full blown Morgellons. I am constantly learning of new things about these conditions as I spend countless hours researching published medical journals.

I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice but instead relay information based upon my own personal treatments. I was ignored by doctors and forced to take matters into my own hands. You are responsible for your own health.

I will begin in depth analysis of items that I have used successfully in future posts in this blog. The key is recognizing the condition before it progress to the next stage and break this chain of events at a core level.

Each infection has the ability to pave the way for the next unless you break the chain of events. You become the dinner plate for a host of different organisms which then attract its predators and this becomes and endless progression into a nightmarish condition.

Antibiotics alone often do not cure and are a common cause of the infection returning accompanied  with yeast overgrowth. Yeast overgrowth is a major if not the most important factor in how Morgellons progresses.

There are some clear and not so clear differences among the conditions, but one can trigger the others. I have suffered many of them in the order listed in the title. I still battle but I am winning overall and am confident all of these pathogens can be eliminated but it takes time and money.

Morgellons is a rich persons disease and I am not rich therefore I am always looking to save money in my treatments by eliminating supplements and tests that are unnecessary.

You should not have to wait for fibers to protrude from the skin or parasites to appear before taking action to break the chain to stop the progression. Many of the steps I took are effective for all three conditions as I have run the gamut but I will specify.

The further the progression of these conditions the more difficult and prolonged the required actions will be.

No single therapy is prefect for everyone but there are exciting developments which we will explore in detail on future posts.

A healthy immune system is  key to keeping the population of all Lyme bacteria in check regardless of infection. 

Minimizing stress supports a healthy immune system.

As you likely know, stress produces an excess of the stress hormone, cortisol, which weakens the immune system and gives disease the advantage to manifest.

This stressor can be mentally induced by how we choose to react to events in our life. It can also be sourced environmentally, as many have manifested Lyme and related complicated co-infections following heavy exposure to mold spores.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of any of these conditions should check their environment for mold. Anyone feeling better after going on vacation just to return to a poor state when home again should also check their environment for mold. This problem must be corrected immediately.

The Borellia infection which is definitive of Lyme often paves the way for other infections to follow.

But it is very possible that we already have many of these bacteria in our system and our immune system keeps populations check, similar to the way that our immune system kills cancer cells on a daily basis.

There was a time when only two bacteria were known to be able to transfer DNA into humans one of which is Bartonella a well known co-infection of Lyme. This also appears to be changing but science will often identify this as a previously unknown discovery as opposed to a known modification in the behavior of an organism.

I believe Morgellons sufferers are also infected with many bacteria common to Lyme as well as yeast from dimorphic fungi (mold which converts to yeast in the body). A fungi ridden body tends to attract larger parasites by actions in nature. A yeast ridden body brings with it a lowered immune system attracting many insects which feed on fungus.

This is not limited to the tick. It also includes spider, fleas, bed bugs, mites or winged insects. Basically every insect that bites us is capable of transmitting disease.

Infected insects can and do transmit nematode larvae along with bacteria when they bite. If the bite is left untreated the larvae can grow and disseminate into other areas of the body. Treated each one from the start as if infected.

I always place a generous amount of antibiotic ointment on each insect bite as soon as possible and then cover it with a bandage for 24 hours. This will cause any nematode larvae inadvertently injected by an infected insect, to surface for air and suffocate in the process. The larvae are microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye but some are visible by the time they grow to adulthood. Preventing reinfection is a key process in any parasite protocol.

Morgellons involves additional dimorphic fungal infections (mold when inhaled, converting into yeast form at body temperature) that may be missing in Lyme sufferers.

Lyme sufferers could be one fungal infection away from developing Morgellons and with the frequent use of antibiotics is always at risk unless that risk is somehow countered.

The medical community has barely begun to recognize Lyme as a chronic infection but turns an official blind eye to Morgellons often based of the symptoms and speculations the suffer labeling sufferers with "delusions of parasitosis" (DOP). Once labeled delusional on your permanent medical record future doctors may treat you accordingly.

A better approach if you do not wish to have to go it alone is to see and Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). You can search for one here.

Most doctors including those in the LLMD group do not write prescriptions for medications which treat parasites, but some of the better ones do. Therefore attempt to sound educated and ask if the doctor incorporates anthelmintic treatment in his protocol when appropriate.

There are ways of obtaining these as I have purchased from for horses and India based pharmacies for the human versions of anthelmintic medications.

We will discuss the Klinghardt Protocol in a future post which details using anthelmintics in cycles as well as the importance of treating for parasites and why testing often fails.

Unknown and difficult to detect organisms with altered DNA are being discovered since the expansion of cross species modification of multiple types of organisms became widespread. Science will act like it has always been there yet went undetected. It will always use evolution as a deflection tactic to protect commercial interests. Its not just plants that are genetically modified but a broad spectrum of organisms.

The genetically modified organisms include insects, yeast, fungus, mold, bacteria, nematodes, and the like whose DNA has been altered in a lab. Many altered organisms have been introduced for the purpose of controlling crop pests and these are just the ones we know about.

Difficult emerging diseases infecting humans in the last three decades happen to correspond with the advent of cross species modifications.       
It is now estimated that humans may harbor more than 100 genes from other organisms including bacteria, archaea, fungi, and other microorganisms.

The following scientific article linked below states this is simply a by-product of human evolution.

It seems we have evolved a lot in just the last three decades which would suggest evolution is not responsible for this.

I postulate that horizontal gene transfers between the lower life forms on up the food chain is resulting in gene transfers between microorganism and human that didn't occur 30 years ago.

These unnatural modifications have created the perfect storm for gene transfers to become more prevalent across multiple species.

As we have DNA transfer from other species combine with our human DNA we will become susceptible to the infections that used to be solely species specific. If this is what is occurring all diseases resulting from this would manifest as "emerging" by default. We have entered into dangerous waters and we will not be able to place this genie back into its bottle therefore we must go on the defensive.     

The once was a time when genetically modified organisms were only produced using genetic material from similar species. This had been occurring for a very long time and was considered relatively safe and probably was.

What the general public tends to overlook when discussing genetically modified organisms that have been occurring safely for a very long time is that the long history of safe DNA tinkering was limited to the same species until recently.

"In 1971, the first debate over the risks to humans of exposure to GMOs began when a common intestinal microorganism, E. coli, was infected with DNA from a tumor-inducing virus (Devos et al., 2007). Initially, safety issues were a concern to individuals working in laboratories with GMOs, as well as nearby residents. However, later debate arose over concerns that recombinant organisms might be used as weapons. The growing debate, initially restricted to scientists, eventually spread to the public, and in 1974, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) established the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee to begin to address some of these issues.

 People have been altering the genomes of plants and animals for many years using traditional breeding techniques. Artificial selection for specific, desired traits has resulted in a variety of different organisms, ranging from sweet corn to hairless cats. But this artificial selection, in which organisms that exhibit specific traits are chosen to breed subsequent generations, has been limited to naturally occurring variations. 

 In recent decades, however, advances in the field of genetic engineering have allowed for precise control over the genetic changes introduced into an organism. Today, we can incorporate new genes from one species into a completely unrelated species through genetic engineering, optimizing agricultural performance or facilitating the production of valuable pharmaceutical substances. Crop plants, farm animals, and soil bacteria are some of the more prominent examples of organisms that have been subject to genetic engineering."

This has been occurring on an ever increasing scale with commercial applications since the early 1990's and not just in plants but in an extensive array of species on every level.

Once the genetic material began to be taken from other species and spliced together in labs to create things that were never intended to exist in nature we have noticed a large increase in the emergence of these strange infectious diseases which are beginning to approach epidemic levels.

Is it coincidental that the time frame of new and emerging infectious diseases such as Lyme correlate with commercialization of modified organisms not limited to plants? 

The link below implicates evolution but why have we evolved so quickly in just the last few decades?

The medical field is only beginning to recognize this cross species transmission in the world of viruses.  

As we obtain more and more DNA transfer from other species we will become more susceptible to a wide variety of disease that once only infected plants, fungi, insects as we will contain susceptible DNA in our bodies from all of these species. Practically anything we were immune to before now becomes possible.   

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