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Mold, Lyme, and Morgellons - Is there a connection? What I did - Part One

I've posted my story about how I got a massive mold infection from inhaling spores for years before I fixed a leaky roof in my home. Let me declare now that I am not a doctor and have no license to practice medicine and therefore I do not give medical advice.

So if I dont answer your question carefully rephrase to a hypothetical.

I am just a guy on the internet willing to share knowledge of over a thousand hours of research. What works for one may not work for another.

This led to a systemic fungal infection. How did I know it was systemic?

Yeast, Fungus, and Mold are often dermal pathogens existing on the dead layers of skin. Usually just a mild annoyance but when they beat down your immune system it becomes a game changer allowing multiple other organisms a free pass.

This in turn attracts that which feeds upon the latest arrivals. I have become the dinner plate to which a bunch of organisms have become attracted and therefore I must proceed with caution.  

If the body is kept healthy with nutrition, exercise, and proper rest the immune system identifies many of these as pathogens and will keep the population of these parasites in check.

We are surrounded by pathogens in our environment and normally our immune system handles it. But when constantly bombarded on a constant basis in large amounts the body loses its ability to respond. There are very few places in the world where mold are not at home.

Anti Fungal and yeast creams will work if used as directed if and when the infection is dermal. If the infection does not show improvement or keeps coming back strong within days of applying topically then you may have a systemic infection.

A systemic yeast infection in a male will often manifests as a case of the jock itch from hell that is non responsive to topical creams.

Just when I thought I had cured the systemic mold and yeast that is when strange symptoms specific to Lyme disease and other crazy bacterial infections began to manifest. Then to make matters even more complicated I began to exhibit the beginning signs of the disease known as Morgellons. 

Because I took rapid action I do not have it nearly as bad as some. I don't have the visible fibers yet but without continued treatment I imagine this would soon follow.

Because so many are being affected I feel its important that I address the treatments. Because each treatment is so intricate this must be done in parts. Therefore, I will be focusing on what I have learned that helps as an ongoing series.

I know some of you have it bad and have massive symptoms. Some of these symptoms are exactly what they appear to be and some are not.

We have to attack the biofilms and the nematodes that have a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria that infect us. Then we have to go after the bacteria and simultaneously boost your good flora in the  gut. Sometimes one followed by another and sometimes in conjunction.

Without doing this we will not heal. Antibiotics alone aren't going to cure you. The improvement will be temporary as this condition is complex.

I suspect those of us with mold sickness, Lyme, and the disease known as Morgellons have been infected primarily with a unclassified dimorphic fungi that has been genetically modified. 

A dimorphic fungi is one that exists as a mold at room temperature and as a yeast at body temperature. There is plenty of evidence that fungi, bacteria, and insects are being genetically modified to fight crop pests and clean up oil spills.

Although all of these conditions are related and somehow connected more often than not, the things that Morgellons sufferers will notice is many symptoms of Lyme.

So how does one distinguish between the two? Must we wait for fibers before we take action?  

The major differences you will notice before the Morgellons gets to the fibrous state often include the following:

Yeast, yeast, and more yeast. I went after the yeast aspect first as if you fail to get rid of this yeast aspect of this initial fungal infection then you will attract the insects and insect bites, then the nematodes will follow.  

Biting, crawling, stinging followed by an insatiable itch that is widespread on a large portion of the body such as face and torso.

Scalp, mouth and other areas will form slow to heal lesions.

Your teeth will decay from the inside out and appear hollow when they fall out or are removed. These dental carries often display decay at the base of the tooth.

Chest pains that are unlike the Babesia infections of Lyme.which is often characterized as 'air hunger' and although you can have Babesia accompany a Morgellons condition it will often manifest unilaterally as pain upon inhale that comes and goes but grows in intensity over time.

To treat the lung pain I took 500 mg bid Clarithromicyn twice daily at the recommendation of a friend who also suffers from this condition. I still battle this but am better 95 percent of the time. Until you can get this going into a sauna may help relieve symptoms but will not resolve them.    

The feeling of mites crawling all over the body which may be folliculitus or mites crawling. The way to tell the difference is to stop consuming sugar, bread, and carbohydrates for 3 days and see if the sensation resolves.

If it does you dont have mites and you have learned a powerful weapon towardsthe fight against folliculitus.

If it doesnt and you havent cheated with even a small amount of the forbidden items then you may actually have mites.      

Ivermectin is a nobel prize winning drug that resolves a broad spectrum of nematode infections is restricted by many doctors and therefore I had to obtain the horse paste product which you can find on

It is not meant for long term continuous use but when used properly is relatively safe and doesnt interact with most other medications. See the previous post in this blog for details. If not cycled and you have nematodes they will keep coming back as Ivermectin does not affect the eggs laid by the nematode.

Check for side effects, contraindications, dosage and become familiar with them. I tested a dab for allergies before ingesting my first dose. Few should self administer without intensive research and guidance. Always attempt to get help from a doctor. LLMD or Lyme Literate Medical Doctors should empathize and be able to relate to your condition so look for this qualification. 

Doctors outside of LLMD's will be of little help and will think you are delusional. Once labelled as delusional it is difficult to get taken seriously by any doctor in the future so rather than risk this on your permanent medical record seek out a LLMD first, and do not see a dermatologist.

You are not delusional. I have never been delusional but they are not allowed to treat diseases without established names and know little of slow acting parasites so if you do go see one say you want to be tested for Lyme.
The most useful items to help me recover in the yeast phase was Fluconazole 400 mg / day. A clay colored stool is an indicator that your liver is not compatible with this drug and you should back off. Other indicators exist but they are similar to the symptoms of the disease so how do you tell?

I had to work dosing up and stop for a week due to kidney fatigue. This isnt the most optimal way to take this drug but you do what you can when you can.

I had to continue this medication for 6 months before getting complete relief but I came off of it too early and symptoms returned so I am back on it.

Also nascent iodine helped to clear the brain fog, lethargy, and my thyroid issues. I had to begin slowly at 1mg and increased by 1mg each day until I maxed out at 15mg / day in the morning on an empty stomach.

The iodine will push years of Fluoride and Bromine poisoning through the skin. So it seems like we are getting sicker but it is helping the thyroid heal and detoxing us rapidly.

I was unfortunate enough to get a rare painful epidydimal cyst which was cured after a few months of Nascent Iodine use and the 'brain fog' cleared. The three day long cluster headaches above my eye had stopped. I now had more energy and I would need it to conduct what is now approaching a thousand hours of research on fungus, mold, yeast, Lyme, and Morgellons.

If you have painless but firm nodules under the skin you may need to combine a larger amount with a fatty meal or you may have to use a stronger form or higher dose but you will need to do so cautiously. This is a symptom of Sportotrichosis but it doesnt necessarily mean that it is the same fungus that causes Sporo. 

There are similar funguses that may act like Sporo but if you suspect Sporo and you wish to get tested by a doctor for it you must indicate that you suspect this condition as it will require a special test not otherwise given.

I bought a cheap UV flashlight on Amazon to see if my pupils glowed or fluoresce, which they did. I believe this is an early sign of infection that happens before the fibers manifest. Check your skin and inside your mouth and please comment and let me know.

I am not a doctor and never give medical advice. I can only say what I did and cannot tell you what you should do.
Everything I chronicle is from personal experience and what I did on my own and I have made massive improvements and slowed the progression of this condition.

Had I relied on the doctors available to me I would be deathly ill. You can hardly tell that I have this affliction without looking at me closely or under UV light.

Terbinafine was the first drug that was actually prescribed to me and it wasn't completely useless but this invader adapts and renders it useless.

If you have a film on your eye like I did the following may help. I used a 14 day course of Terbinafine 500 mg. If you feel the muscle behind your eye tingling from the Terbinafine use within an hour of use, then this is likely needed to save your sight. If you do not feel this then it is not and will be of little use.

To remove the actual cloudy film on my eye I used Itraconazole 100 mg per day for 2 weeks. This is all I could tolerate at first as the side effect of chest pains followed. I toughed through it and completed this course. If your legs of feet swell or you pass a clay colored stool you may have to stop and revisit it later.

There is a fungal or several fungal components to this disease that I haven't figured out completely what it is as I believe it is genetically modified form of candida, yeast, mold.
 Fluconazole stops the disease from progressing and slowly kills the fungus. 

It took me six months at 400mg per day to make gains but it was essential to fully clear the eyes of floaters and a foreign object sensations. I imagine I will be on this for a very long time as stopping it led to the return of itching so I am back on it.  

During the Fluconazole use I cycled 2 weeks on of Doxycycline 100mg twice a day and two weeks off. My eyes began to go from red and irritated to white. The former makes the latter fungicidal as opposed to just fungistatic and prevents resistance as per an article located here:

When I wasn't taking Doxy I was using Nystatin in conjunction with the Fluconazole.

Fungus likes sugar and bread and even nutritional yeast. Don't be fooled into taking any yeast or yeast products and make sure your probiotics do not contain yeasts. 

Using antibiotics gives fungus the advantage to grow. I had to use systemic antifungals with the antibiotics to get better.

Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that is anti candida, if you can't afford the Fluconazole try working your way up from 1/4 tsp to 2 tsp daily. Too quickly and you get the runs. I use both. 

Just because something makes you feel bad at first doesnt mean it is not working in fact it often is quite the opposite. This is known as the Herxheimer Reaction and is detailed best here:

Foods that you should eat daily to treat and prevent manifestation of Morgellons disease include: Seaweed, Brown Rice, and natural salt (avoid table salt iodized or not).  

When I stopped the Fluconazole after six months because I thought I was cured of what I believed to be solely mold sickness the joy was short lived as some specific symptoms mimicking Lyme disease began to manifest. 

The symptoms were so specific that Lyme disease was the logical conclusion. Ice pick headaches, tinnitus, vibrations that felt like a pager in my pocket which was empty. Then an insane itch broke out over a large area of the body yet there was no rash.

I began to educate myself on Lyme disease as I was coming to grips with this disease and could no longer live in denial. The more I learned about Lyme, the more I discovered there were important details being left out. The emphasis on this being a tick borne disease was suspicious to me as I hadn’t been bitten by a tick in decades.

I also learned that fungus attracts many insects which bite and these insects are often infected themselves and transmit nematode larvae into our skin. Its not just a tick that can do this but fleas, mosquitoes, sand flies, and biting flies.

To prevent Lyme these bites need to be covered for 24 hours with a generous amount of antibiotic ointment as soon as possible. The larvae passed on from the infected insect needs oxygen and when it can't breathe through the skin, it will surface for oxygen, suffocate, and die. If this is not done you risk dissemination throughout the body and this is why many with Morgellons get worms, maggots, and flies. If this happens you will need antihelminitc drugs. 

This nematode connection to Lyme disease is intentionally being left out of official literature with regards to Lyme. Lyme is the name given to the disease caused by a bacteria called Borrelia Burgdorferi (Bb) which was named after the scientist who discovered it, the late Dr. Willie Burgdorferi. 

He has been quoted as saying that there is more to Lyme disease than he is allowed to say which alluded to the nematode factor. Other doctors like Alan B. MacDonald are refusing to be silenced and have disclosed the nematode larvae link to biting insects connection to Lyme disease as well as a multitude of diseases which until now had no known cause or cure. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, even diabetes and autism are now being discovered to have links to not only this bacteria but the nematodes that have a symbiotic relationship with them and numerous vectors are capable of transmitting them.   

Dr. MacDonalds website can be found here:  as well as his lectures on Youtube and I highly recommend you check them out and get educated on the subject as it is rapidly becoming endemic worldwide. We are being lied to so we remain sick and treatments fail because we are not addressing the core of the problem.

The approach that should be followed is to rid ourselves of the toxic metals in our bodies which is what these parasites feed upon. Yet if these parasites feed on toxic metals that shouldn’t be in our bodies they can’t be all that bad, can they? The problem is the benefit is outweighed by the toxic bacteria that these larger parasites have a symbiotic relationship with therefore producing an abundance of them in out bodies. As our systems become overloaded with them this in turn attracts more natural predators and their predators and so on and so forth. This weakens the immune system and opens the door for yet more parasites of all forms including insects, nematodes, bacteria, and viruses all which feed on one another and ultimately you.

Just about everything lies somewhere on a food chain and when the food is plentiful that which consumes it appears as if by magic but more likely it is attracted by the pheromones produced by the prey.

The many examples of this is shown in the following video 

Many of these nematode bacterial symbiotic relationships are well known and the life threatening ones are often identified and treated for with medicine, but many more are being discovered daily. Some of these relationships and growth processes are so slow that they are not recognized properly. Another problem is that without known organism and their known predators there are no tests. Often the pathogen must be suspected in order to be tested for as health insurance companies will balk at the cost of gamut testing and therefore it is rarely if ever done. In addition to this certain tests are less than perfect and produce false negative results. To make matters even more complicated bacteria mutate and evolve developing ways of stealing proteins as cover sort of like a wolf in sheets clothing which fools our immune systems into thinking it belong in our body. 

GMO foods causing strange diseases.  Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives - FULL MOVIE 

It doesnt end there, scientists have genetically modified bacteria and other organisms by manipulating proteins such as CD47 in the name of science in order to trick our bodies into thinking that the foreign body actually belongs,

Most of us know the story of how Africanized killer bees were developed in a lab to be the best honey producing bees to ever grace the planet yet when scientists play God and things escape into the world as they almost always will and mate with similar species terrible consequences  and imbalances can and often do happen.

A multitude of nematodes, flies, and bacteria are commonly used in agriculture to battle crop pests. This video shows how phoned flies are released to combat fire ants :

What many of us do not know is that this is being done on a large scale with impunity using genetically modified creatures secretly for profit with no oversight and we know neither the consequences or solutions of doing so. The species created and released into the wild will cross breed creating God only knows what. The military has been known to weaponize biological agents and release them on unsuspecting populations for testing on unsuspecting populations in now declassified documents.      

Recently the crossing of species genes created organisms that were never intended to be in existence. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine cited multitudes of health problems occurring from GMO food consumption in animals and the plants and animals we eat and they eat. The EPA and FDA has declared these foods safe with no oversight over the greed of chemical giants such as Monsanto and others which allow for self regulation. 

These foods cause allergies and disease which modify the DNA of everything that eats food (and what doesnt eat?) and the modifications are transmittable to offspring.

This causes symptoms and diseases that doctors have never seen and will not know what they are testing for. We will be forever changed.

Many infected remain asymptomatic for many years as the body’s natural immune system keeps these populations in check for a very long time until there is stressor event which weakens the immune system allowing the population to flourish. 

Ivermectin is an amtihelmintic which helps stop the crawling stinging and biting. I did 5 cycles of it as I describe in my Youtube video of it but when I stopped using it the extreme itching would return. Even after 5 cycles of it so now I am attempting a 30 day course of Ivermectin 3mg every 6 hours in hopes to stave them as it paralyzes the nematodes. I use it in conjunction with Fluconazole.  

I believe some have contracted myosis and other have contracted mites but I also believe there is a folliculitis infection that makes us feel like we have mites. Mites don't care what we eat so if you feel that you have them stop consuming sugar and bread for a week. 

If you have mites this won't help but if it is a bacterial or fungal component causing this sensation then removing sugar and bread from the diet will and then you will better know how to treat it. This is the best way to tell if you have mites.   

I have the folliculitis and that does feel like mites crawling all over the affected area, but when I changed the diet it ceased within days so I know that I am not dealing with mites.  

Mebendazole, Albendazole, and Praziquantel either starve or kill the nematodes that Ivermectin can't but check the contraindications on and become familiar with the serious side effects, contraindications, dosing by weight.

Febendazole is the horse version of these meds. Many anthelmintics are available to the public as horse pastes on Amazon. 

You will likely have trouble getting these meds from the doctors. The human forms of these medications can be gotten cheaper out of India from companies like All Day Chemist. If you plan to order from them you can help me by sending me an email saying you plan to order from them. I get no commision but points towards discounts on my future orders, so it would be much appreciated.
My email is and just say "Hello, planning to order from ADC"

Many of our bodies are loaded with heavy metals and this must be addressed. Some say this detox must be performed first. I am working on it now that I have learned the nematodes feed on the heavy metals in our bodies.
Cilantro will remove metals but a binder must be used or they will just circulate. Binders include chlorella and activated charcoal. I prefer the former as the later will neutralize many medicines and must be taken far apart in hours from the medicines.

Break up the biofilms while using antibiotics with caution. 

I drink a glass of lemon water in the morning first thing when I arise. On an empty stomach enzymes and suppllements such as serrapeptase, monolaurin, modified citrus pectin, caprylic acid, undecylenic acid, and other yeast management enzymes will help.

Xylitol and sugar alcohols also break up biofilms which protect the bacteria you don't want in your system. Take them 30 minutes prior to the antibiotics. 

For the lung pain:

Some speculate that this is a form of chlamydia or Actinobacillus or mycoplasma pleuropneumoniae.

It should respond to a macrolide antibiotic. I began with high doses of Amoxicillin but when this wasn't helping anymore I added a drug known as Biaxin the trade name for generic Clarithromycin.

I took 500mg 2x per day every 12 hours along with 1800mg of a supplement, NAC 2x per day to kill the spore form. improvement in 3 days and lungs no longer hurt at all after 10 days. I will continue it for 4 weeks after the last instance of any pain in the lungs. I did not experience any difficulty with this drug.

I am using Nascent Iodine but am switching to seaweed only as the source of my iodine. The Nascent Iodine quickly removes fluoride and bromide poisons but is so strong that it will detox very rapidly and push so many toxins through the skin that it may make it seem as if you are getting worse but this is all part of the detox.
It boosted my thyroid back to functional and got rid of the “brain fog” as well as a painful cyst I had developed. It is recommended to start slow. I started at 1mg and worked my way up to 15mg first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If you forget and eat then delay taking iodine until your stomach is empty.

There are a large number of people who say they only developed symptoms of Morgellons post iodine solution use, so the seaweed may be what you want. It all depends what you are willing to go through to get well.

I got some lessons but didn’t reach the visible fibers stage. 
I now Incorporate seaweed, Brown Rice, and natural salt (not table salt) into my diet daily. I stopped eating processed sugar and bread of all kinds. 

These foods that are bad will render the drugs useless and you will be wasting your money. You may wish to avoid fruit until you get the yeast under control. Anything that makes you tingle or skin crawl should be avoided. 

After you get the yeast under control you may be able to reintroduce some fruits. Now fruit sugar in its natural form within the fruits doesn't bother me so I just completed a 3 day pineapple fast and will eat fruit for lunch. 

Try to do a paleo or ketogenic diet and get to a state of ketosis. You may feel a bit weak when your body adapts but once it does your condition will improve. Once you are in ketosis then you can eat fruit for lunch. To stay in ketosis you should limit fruits to lunch only.   

Far Infrared sauna is kicking the grains out of my skin and there is less each time I use it. Try to use it once weekly. Drink plenty of fluids and sweat it out.

I first thought the grains of sand that I could feel coming out of my pores might be scabies eggs but no one in the house but me was suffering and scabies are highly contagious. A nurse that I respect analyzed them under a microscope and said these are clusters of bacteria. All my symptoms reacted quickly to the diet change therefore I was able to determine mites are not the issue with me. 

Sub to my you tube channel ClintFromNYtoVA. I am beginning to compile an enormous amount of info which I cannot possibly cover in one blog post and I will release more info as I get it.     

In order to continue my research I will be forced to rely on donations. I had to leave the US under less than ideal circumstances and upon leaving my business fell apart due to mismanagement. Hey, we all sometimes pick the wrong people who take advantage of our good nature.  

I know some of you cannot donate but I still want to help you so I will be posting all that I have learned and continue to learn about this condition for you regardless of your ability to donate.  

You can donate any amount no matter how small at the link below. Small tokens are appreciated and Bitcoin will buy me much needed medications.

I will be continuing research on this dreaded condition and every donation helps me have more time to do so. There is plenty more information forthcoming but this should be a solid amount to get you started. I will also be covering how I properly cycle the amtihelmintic medications.

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