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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Serve and Protect... LOL !

 I never owned a gun until my home was invaded in 2009. They kicked in my back door, tied me and my wife up.

 There are more police (state, county, town) than ever before with more resources at their disposal.

 Do you feel any safer? I sure don't.

 One of the two assailants who robbed us was desperately trying to let the other guy do all of the talking.

 His accomplice kept asking me where the safe was. How did he know I had a safe?   

 It probably wasn't the smartest thing to resist, but I grew up in rough neighborhood and it taught never show any fear.

 I wasn't cooperating with the accomplice so then he couldn't resist speaking any more.

 He said "show me where the safe is or I will blow your fucking head off !"

 I showed him where the safe was. It was a tiny fire safe so they it along with a pillow case they filled with whatever items of value and cash they could find and fled.   

 My first mistake was calling the police.

 I had recognized the voice of the mostly silent assailant and so did my wife as we discussed it before the police arrived.

 He was an acquaintance from long ago. I remember loaning him money seven years ago when he was down on his luck. That was the last time I would see him or so I thought.

 I guess its true what they say that no good deed goes unpunished.

 When asked by police who I suspected, I told them I recognized one of their voices. I identified the perpetrator. My wife also identified the perp. He was later questioned and charged. 
 Somewhere along the next few days he volunteered for a polygraph. He fooled the police into thinking he wasn't at the crime scene but admitted to knowing about the incident.
 He then proceeded to roll over on his accomplice.

 He later sent two others who impersonated themselves as police to attempt to get me to open the door, so then they could also rob me. They didn't look nor sound like police and I vehemently refused to open the door and said I called the police and they were on their way. They quickly left. 

 I guess he figured this would further corroborate his story and they might get charged for his crime.

 He managed to fool the police, hold me and my then cancer stricken wife at gunpoint, rob us, and get his charges nolle prosequi. Charges dropped.

 His accomplice got charged.

 The DA would not take the case to trial because the testimony of my wife and I would put the perp at the crime scene.

 The police protected a criminal. I kid you not.

 Two years pass, and my assailant conducts another armed robbery at a neighboring house two blocks away.  

 This time his new accomplice was shot and killed by the homeowner. He took a bullet in the lung and was hospitalized for a month but for some reason lived. I heard an inch to the left was the difference.

 Nothing against the good police, I just don't know any personally.

 Either way they are always going to arrive last at the scene, and frankly that is not good enough where my family's safety is concerned.

 3 out of 4 victims of home invasion do not live to tell about it. I am grateful to be able to tell you this much. I hope this story has a happy ending. The perp will be released in April of 2018.  

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